A Review on Voltage Control Methods for Active Distribution Networks

Published by Tengku Juhana TENGKU HASHIM1, Azah MOHAMED2, Hussain SHAREEF3, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Abstract. Power distribution systems are in the state of transition from passive to active networks due to the rising penetration level of distributed generators (DGs). One of the technical challenges of active networks is to maintain an acceptable voltage level. This problemContinue reading “A Review on Voltage Control Methods for Active Distribution Networks”

PWM Drive Motor Failures due to Transient Voltages

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc., PQSoft Case Study: PWM Drive Motor Failures due to Transient Voltages, Document ID: PQS0404, Date: June 30, 2004. Abstract: In an effort to improve the efficiency of many industrial processes, equipment has been retrofitted with adjustable speed drives (ASDs). The ASDs allow for better speed control, soft starting of motors, andContinue reading “PWM Drive Motor Failures due to Transient Voltages”

Study of 345 kV Transient Recovery Voltages

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc., PQSoft Case Study: Study of 345 kV Transient Recovery Voltages, Document ID: PQS0602, Date: January 1, 2006. Abstract: Transient recovery voltage (TRV) is the voltage across the terminals of a pole of circuit breaker following current zero when interrupting faults. TRV waveshapes can be oscillatory, exponential, cosine-exponential or combinations of theseContinue reading “Study of 345 kV Transient Recovery Voltages”

Electric Arc Furnace Modeling for Voltage Flicker Evaluation

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc., PQSoft Case Study: Electric Arc Furnace Modeling for Voltage Flicker Evaluation, Document ID: PQS0313, Date: April 16, 2003. Abstract: A steel manufacturer is planning to add a second arc furnace to their existing facility. Concerns are raised as to whether the additional furnace will cause levels of voltage flicker that mightContinue reading “Electric Arc Furnace Modeling for Voltage Flicker Evaluation”

What is Voltage Drop Study and Analysis

Published by Carelabs, Carelabs is authorized provider of Electrical Installation’s Study, Analysis, Inspection, and Certification services in UAE, and offer voltage drop study and analysis services. Website: carelabz.com Dynamic voltage (IR) drop, in contrast to the static voltage drop depends on the switching activity of the design, and hence it is vector dependent. Designing an ideal powerContinue reading “What is Voltage Drop Study and Analysis”

Section 4: System Voltage Considerations

Published by Bill Brown, P.E., Square D Engineering Services. Basic Principles The selection of system voltages is crucial to successful power system design. Reference [1] lists the standard voltages for the United States and their ranges. The nominal voltages from [1] are given in table 4-1. As can be seen, ANSI C84.1-1989 divides system voltagesContinue reading “Section 4: System Voltage Considerations”

FLEX-CORE® Glossary of Terms

Published by FLEX-CORE®, Div. Morlan & Associates, Inc. Current Transformers Usually rated on a basis of 5 amperes secondary current and used to reduce primary current to usable levels for transformer-rated meters or transducers and to insulate and isolate them from high voltage circuits. Current Transformer Ratio Ratio of primary to secondary current. For aContinue reading “FLEX-CORE® Glossary of Terms”

Understanding Current and Voltage Harmonics

Published by L&T Electrical & Automation, Website: lntebg.in Source: https://www.lntebg.in/about-us/blog/understanding-current-voltage-harmonics/ Current and voltage harmonics are often used interchangeably. At most places, only harmonics is quoted and whether the values pertain to current or voltage is not mentioned. The differentiation can be done on the basis of their origin. Understanding Total Harmonic Distortion The current andContinue reading “Understanding Current and Voltage Harmonics”

Power Quality Measurements in All Voltage Levels of the Utilities up to 150 kHz – Is it Possible?

Published by Roland Buerger (MBS AG), Business Development/R & D, MBS AG, Sulzbach-Laufen (Germany), Email: rbuerger@mbs-ag.com Bernhard Grasel (NEO MESSTECHNIK), Sales Manager, NEO Messtechnik, Zoebern (Austria), Email: bernhard.grasel@neo-messtechnik.com A reliable energy supply has meanwhile become an important location factor for many companies. While power failures and voltage fluctuations were among the most important parameters ofContinue reading “Power Quality Measurements in All Voltage Levels of the Utilities up to 150 kHz – Is it Possible?”

Technical Design Specifications and Criteria for Integrating PV Systems into Distribution Networks in Egypt

Published by Omar H. Abdalla, Fellow Egyptian Society of Engineers, Life Senior Member IEEE. Prof. O. H. Abdalla is with the Department of Electrical Power and Machines Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, 1 Sherief Street, P.O. Technology, P.C. 11792, Helwan, Cairo, Egypt. (e-mail: ohabdalla@ieee.org). Conference Paper: Keynote Lecture (KL-REN-5), International Conference on New Energy and EnvironmentalContinue reading “Technical Design Specifications and Criteria for Integrating PV Systems into Distribution Networks in Egypt”