Encore Series UPS Monitoring

Application Note WHERE EVERY MILLISECOND COUNTS! The digital economy has redefined business operations and is setting new standards for electric power reliability and quality. Downtime – undesirable for any business – is catastrophic for Data Centers and other high reliability facilities where even the smallest power quality issue can cause equipment failure, data corruption, andContinue reading “Encore Series UPS Monitoring”

Beware Rotation Issues on Transformers

Published by Tom Shaughnessy, Shaughnessy Consulting Services 208 Jasper Way, San Marcos, CA 92078 408-666-4009 Background Phase rotation is something that contractors and electricians routinely check during construction and installation of motors and UPS systems. In facilities with only one service, seldom does a rotation change require utility involvement. However, complications can and do ariseContinue reading “Beware Rotation Issues on Transformers”