The Impact of EVs on the Electric Grid

Published by Harsha Korde, EE Power – News: The Impact of EVs on the Electric Grid, May 14, 2022 With gas prices rising, electric vehicles are becoming more popular, but transportation decarbonization remains a major issue. With gasoline prices rising and the effects of climate change increasingly acute, transportation electrification is gaining steam in countries throughoutContinue reading “The Impact of EVs on the Electric Grid”

Tropical Climate Effects on Corona Power Losses on 275 kV Transmission Lines in the South Sulawesi System

Published by Ikhlas KITTA, Salama MANJANG, Ida RACHMANIAR, Faris MARICARElectrical Engineering Department, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia Abstract. Electricity losses are very dependent on electric current and loss of the corona phenomenon. It is very clear that losses depend on network parameters, load behaviors and climatic factors. South Sulawesi is a tropical climate. This sector must beContinue reading “Tropical Climate Effects on Corona Power Losses on 275 kV Transmission Lines in the South Sulawesi System”

Solving Electric Vehicle Development Challenges

Published by Mark Patrick, EE Power – Technical Articles: Solving Electric Vehicle Development Challenges, July 14, 2022. A potentially viable approach to solving the development challenges associated with electric vehicles to save both weight and cost. The growth in EV adoption is a clear and obvious trend, confirmed in several recent industry reports. While the pandemicContinue reading “Solving Electric Vehicle Development Challenges”

Assessment of the Impact of the Micro Wind Turbine on the Power Quality in the Distribution Network

Published by Marek GAŁA, Andrzej JĄDERKO, Politechnika Częstochowska, Wydział Elektryczny Abstract. The article presents the principles of measurements and assessment of power quality characteristics, with the power supplied by the micro wind turbine connected to the distribution network. It describes the basic technical parameters of the vertical axis micro wind turbine 10 kW and theContinue reading “Assessment of the Impact of the Micro Wind Turbine on the Power Quality in the Distribution Network”

Comparison of PV Plant Energy Generation Prediction Tools with Measured Data

Published by Igor PETROVIĆ1, Zdenko ŠIMIĆ2, Mario VRAŽIĆ2,Technical College in Bjelovar (1), University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (2) Abstract. The object of this research is to compare three of the most popular conventional analytical models used for estimation of electrical energy production of photovoltaic panels. From this analysis a single modelContinue reading “Comparison of PV Plant Energy Generation Prediction Tools with Measured Data”

Applications of Grid-connected Battery Energy Storage Systems

Published by Rakesh Kumar, EE Power – Technical Articles: Applications of Grid-connected Battery Energy Storage Systems, February 17, 2023. Grid operators, distributed generator plant owners, energy retailers, and consumers may receive various services from grid-connected battery energy storage systems. Learn more about the applications here. Battery energy storage systems (BESSes) act as reserve energy that canContinue reading “Applications of Grid-connected Battery Energy Storage Systems”

An Overview of Energy Storage Systems and Their Applications

Published by Pietro Tumino, EE Power – Technical Articles: An Overview of Energy Storage Systems and Their Applications, September 18, 2020. This article will describe the main applications of energy storage systems and the benefits of each application. The continuous growth of renewable energy sources (RES) had drastically changed the paradigm of large, centralized electric energyContinue reading “An Overview of Energy Storage Systems and Their Applications”

Estimation of Solar Energy Availability in Maha Sarakham, Thailand

Published by Chokkuea W1, Pattanasethanon S2, Suwapaet N3 and Saengprajak A4, Mahasarakham University Abstract. Availability of solar energy is crucial for most technological solar applications. The objective of this study is to predict monthly average and global solar radiation patterns on Maha Sarakham horizontal surface of Thailand. Two correlation equations have been successfully developed, oneContinue reading “Estimation of Solar Energy Availability in Maha Sarakham, Thailand”

The Quality of Electric Power Supplied into the Grid by Co-Generation Units

Published by Jiri JANSA, Petr MOLDRIK, Daniel MINARIK, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava Abstract. This paper deals with the utilisation of firedamp for combined heat and electric power generation. The firedamp is gained from hard-coal mines and can be combusted in a co-generation units with gas-engine. This process involves more efficient utilisation of firedamp.Continue reading “The Quality of Electric Power Supplied into the Grid by Co-Generation Units”

Usage of Existing Power Plants as Synchronous Condenser

Published by Alexander DEECKE, Rafael KAWECKISiemens AG, Power and Gas, Instrumentation and Electrical Abstract. Due to the continuously increasing amount of renewable energy being generated and the simultaneous reduction in rotating masses, the demand for grid-stabilizing measures is growing. To solve the problem different possibilities are known, one of them is the reuse of fossileContinue reading “Usage of Existing Power Plants as Synchronous Condenser”