Reliability of Open Public Electric Vehicle Direct Current Fast Chargers

Published David Rempel1, Carleen Cullen1,2, Mary Matteson Bryan1, Gustavo Vianna Cezar3, 1Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA2Cool the Earth, Kentfield, CA, USA3SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, GISMo Group, CA, USA Abstract. In order to achieve a rapid transition to electric vehicle driving, a highly reliable and easy to use charging infrastructure is criticalContinue reading “Reliability of Open Public Electric Vehicle Direct Current Fast Chargers”

Applications of Grid-connected Battery Energy Storage Systems

Published by Rakesh Kumar, EE Power – Technical Articles: Applications of Grid-connected Battery Energy Storage Systems, February 17, 2023. Grid operators, distributed generator plant owners, energy retailers, and consumers may receive various services from grid-connected battery energy storage systems. Learn more about the applications here. Battery energy storage systems (BESSes) act as reserve energy that canContinue reading “Applications of Grid-connected Battery Energy Storage Systems”

IM Drive System Supplied from PV Panels with Energy Storage – Experimental Setup

Published by Wojciech MATELSKI1, Electrotechnical Institute, Warsaw Abstract. The article describes a practical implementation of the induction motor (IM) drive system powered from photovoltaic (PV) panels. The system incorporates an energy storage device, in form of a supercapacitor bank, and enables an AC grid connection. Two system concepts are considered, thus a discussion about theContinue reading “IM Drive System Supplied from PV Panels with Energy Storage – Experimental Setup”

Estimation of Solar Energy Availability in Maha Sarakham, Thailand

Published by Chokkuea W1, Pattanasethanon S2, Suwapaet N3 and Saengprajak A4, Mahasarakham University Abstract. Availability of solar energy is crucial for most technological solar applications. The objective of this study is to predict monthly average and global solar radiation patterns on Maha Sarakham horizontal surface of Thailand. Two correlation equations have been successfully developed, oneContinue reading “Estimation of Solar Energy Availability in Maha Sarakham, Thailand”

Analysis of Long-Time Efficiency of Photovoltaic Installation

Published by Jacek DĄBROWSKI, Ewa KRAC, Krzysztof GÓRECKI Katedra Elektroniki Morskiej, Akademia Morska w Gdyni Abstract. In the paper the results of long-time investigations of the photovoltaic installation situated in Gdynia Maritime University are presented. A short description of the considered installation and the weather station making possible continuous monitoring of weather parameters are included.Continue reading “Analysis of Long-Time Efficiency of Photovoltaic Installation”

Cars with Electric Drive and External Costs of Road Transport

Published by Wojciech GIS1, Zdzisław KORDEL2, Maciej MENES1,Motor Transport Institute (1), The University of Gdańsk (2) Abstract. The paper describes external environmental costs of road transport. Article presents also an assessment of the so-called reduction. “Marginal costs” such as the cost of fuel emissions, noise and greenhouse gas emissions, by the introduction into service, inContinue reading “Cars with Electric Drive and External Costs of Road Transport”

What Are the Five Major Types of Renewable Energy?

Published by Govind Bhutada, Visual Capitalist – Energy, June 9, 2022. The Renewable Energy Age This was originally posted on Elements. Sign up to the free mailing list to get beautiful visualizations on natural resource megatrends in your email every week. Awareness around climate change is shaping the future of the global economy in several ways. Governments areContinue reading “What Are the Five Major Types of Renewable Energy?”

10 Actions Companies Can Take Right Now to Reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions

Published by Reuters EventsTM , The industrial energy efficiency playbook, November 2022. A report in conjunction with ABB and Energy Efficiency MovementTM . Executive summary The world’s industries stand at an energy crossroads in 2022. The urgency of climate change demands action on all sides—from industry, governments and civil society. Energy shortages, brought on byContinue reading “10 Actions Companies Can Take Right Now to Reduce Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions”

Effect of a Wind Generator on the Optimal Location of FACTS

Published by Messaoud ZOBEIDI*1, Fatiha LAKDJA2, Yamina Ahlem GHERBI3, Fatima Zohra GHERBI1 ,Department of electrical Engineering, laboratory of ICEPS, Djillali Liabes Universiy, Sidi-Bel-Abbes, Algeria(1), Department of electrical Engineering, laboratory of ICEPS ,Saida Universiy,Saida , Algeria (2), Department of electrical Engineering, USTO-MB Oran , Durable Development of Electric power laboratory, Algeria(3) Abstract. The development has contributedContinue reading “Effect of a Wind Generator on the Optimal Location of FACTS”

Fluid Interaction in a Complex Terrain Wind Farm

Published by Bukurije HOXHA1, Risto V.FILKOSKI2 , University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” (1), Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje (2)ORCID: 1. 0000-0002-8890-2054; 2. 0000-0002-3743-318X Abstract. Optimisation of the placement of wind turbines in a farm is an important stage in wind farm construction. Koznica, a mountainous terrain available for wind farms, is considered in theContinue reading “Fluid Interaction in a Complex Terrain Wind Farm”