Solving Electric Vehicle Development Challenges

Published by Mark Patrick, EE Power – Technical Articles: Solving Electric Vehicle Development Challenges, July 14, 2022. A potentially viable approach to solving the development challenges associated with electric vehicles to save both weight and cost. The growth in EV adoption is a clear and obvious trend, confirmed in several recent industry reports. While the pandemicContinue reading “Solving Electric Vehicle Development Challenges”

Electric Vehicle Fire Extinguishing System

Published by Andrzej ŁEBKOWSKI, Gdynia Maritime University, Department of Ship Automation Abstract. The paper presents the construction and properties of an electric vehicle fire extinguishing system. Parameters of several electric vehicles are presented, focusing on used traction battery types and system voltages. Various dangers that are possibly present during operation of an electric vehicle areContinue reading “Electric Vehicle Fire Extinguishing System”

Solar Energy Batteries – A Critical Review

Published by Samhar Saeed Shukir, Electrical Department, Technical Institute- Kut, Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq. Corresponding Author: ABSTRACT Solar power has numerous benefits, it is a clean and renewable energy resource that can help us to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuel use and mitigate climate change. However, solar energy production is limited toContinue reading “Solar Energy Batteries – A Critical Review”