WideRangeFlexCT™ Accuracy

Application Note 06-01-2015 Published by Radian Research, Inc.  Trademarked flex CT interface WideRangeFlexCT™ measures currents from 1A to 2500A without requiring the user to set specific ranges. Internally there are 3 measurement ranges that are automatically switched between. The measurement error depends on which range is active, these ranges are 1.00A – 18.00A, 18.0A –Continue reading “WideRangeFlexCT™ Accuracy”

Measuring Earth Resistance

Published by E. Hering, Dresden (Germany) Earth resistance is a key parameter in determining the efficiency of earthing systems. In this article we look at the measurement of earth resistance 1 A Few Fundamentals 1.1 Earth resistance and earth impedance The efficiency of an earthing system is principally determined by its impedance ZE. As canContinue reading “Measuring Earth Resistance”

Application Note Earthing Systems: Fundamentals of Calculation & Design

Application Note Published by H. Markiewicz and A. Klajn, November 2014 ECI Publication No. Cu0120 Document Issue Control Sheet Document Title: Application Note – Earthing Systems: Fundamentals of Calculation and Design Publication No: Cu0120 Issue: 03 Release: June 2003 Author(s): H. Markiewicz and A. Klajn Reviewer(s): D. Chapman, S. Fassbiner Document History Issue Date PurposeContinue reading “Application Note Earthing Systems: Fundamentals of Calculation & Design”

2013 Cost of Data Center Outages

Published by Ponemon Institute LLC, December 2013. Ponemon Institute© Research Report is Sponsored by Emerson Network Power. Part 1. Executive Summary Ponemon Institute and Emerson Network Power are pleased to present the results of the 2013 Cost of Data Center Outages. First conducted in 2010, the purpose of this benchmark study is to determine theContinue reading “2013 Cost of Data Center Outages”

Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Instrument Rental by Dranetz

February 15th, 2021 Portable Power Quality Meters HDPQ Xplorer / Power Xplorer with Accessories Per Week: THB 18,000 Per Month: THB 64,800 HDPQ Guide / Power Guide with Accessories Per Week: THB 16,000 Per Month: THB 57,600 HDPQ Visa / Power Visa with Accessories Per Week: THB 14,000 Per Month: THB 50,400 Energy Platform EP1Continue reading “Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Instrument Rental by Dranetz”

Understanding Total Harmonic Distortion

White Paper Published by Cowles Andrus, Communications Specialist, Power Monitors Inc., September 2012 Email: ABSTRACT This paper discusses the causes of Total Harmonic Distortion, how it is calculated, measured, and how it can impact a power distribution system. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) can be a challenging concept because of the complexity of the powerContinue reading “Understanding Total Harmonic Distortion”


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