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IEEE Standard 519-2022 Update and Changes From Prior Version (-2014)

Published by Mirus International Inc. APPLICATION NOTE IEEE STD 519 – 2022 UPDATE_HARMONIC STANDARD IEEE Standard for Harmonic Control in Electric Power Systems (IEEE Std 519-2022), is a highly recognized and referenced standard, and has been updated in 2022 from its prior 2014 version. The purpose of the standard is to establish goals for theContinue reading “IEEE Standard 519-2022 Update and Changes From Prior Version (-2014)”

IEEE 519-1992 Compliance

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc., PQSoft Case Study: IEEE 519 Compliance, Document ID: PQS0321, Date: October 10, 2003. Abstract: IEEE Standard 519-1992 is a standard that addresses the need for limiting the harmonic current a customer injects onto the utility system. It also protects the customer by specifying maximum harmonic voltage distortion levels that utilities canContinue reading “IEEE 519-1992 Compliance”

PD Pulse Burst Characteristics in Differently Aged Transformer Oils under AC Conditions

Published by JUNHAO LI1, YANMING LI1, GUOLI WANG2, Martin D. JUDD3,State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment, Xi’an Jiaotong University (1)Electric Power Research Institute of China South Grid (2)Institute for Energy and Environment, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde (3) Abstract. Partial discharge (PD) detection is a technique widely usedContinue reading “PD Pulse Burst Characteristics in Differently Aged Transformer Oils under AC Conditions”

Efunity becomes PQSynergy™ & Power Quality Blog Gold Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Efunity was a Golden Sponsor for PQSynergyConference Exhibition 2022 and Power Quality Blog. It is a privilege to be supported by Efunity.

We are grateful to Adrian Teo, Chief Executive Officer of Efunity and to the Efunity team.

Efunity is a company based out of Singapore that offers turnkey solutions in energy and power quality monitoring and analysis. We also carry and keep stock for a wide range of smart power meters, branch feeder meters, power quality analyzers, current sensors and intelligent earth leakage relays.

Recently appointed as distributor of PQAi, an IOT-capable power quality analyzer that can monitor up to 15 three-phase channels, we are able to expand our reach to new industries and applications where power quality monitoring is often sidestepped due to a lack of cost-effective solutions.

We are currently working with utilities and asset owners in implementing smart grid solutions to improve the overall operational status of the grid network to better match supply and demand. As the world transition towards widespread adoption of sustainable energy and electric vehicles, we are preparing customers for the challenges that these technologies may bring. This is particular important for industries that require “zero incident, zero downtime”.

Anchored by our vast experience and supported by our strong R&D team, we are able to help you resolve existing issues and mitigate future problems in your infrastructure. Energy and power is our business. Let’s start a conversation.

For more information, you can visit efunity.com.

Electrotek Concepts, Inc.

Founded in Mountain View, California in 1984, Electrotek Concepts® is a leading power systems engineering consulting firm and software developer, catering to the needs of electric utilities, power transmission and distribution companies, product manufacturers, building and electrical system designers, research companies, government agencies, university students, and end users—residential, commercial and industrial.

We specialize in:

• Utility and large-scale power system monitoring and performance assessment
• Power management software & SmartGrid solutions
• Training and education

Electrotek is best known for its flagship product, PQView®. Now in its 4th major revision, PQView is the industry’s leading smartgrid database software application for power quality monitoring, analysis, reporting, and automatic fault location, all delivered on a thorough, yet easy-to-use platform.

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PQSynergy™ Papers

PQSynergy™ is an international forum to share experiences, requirements, questions, information, customer requirements, problems and solutions in the fast growth area of quality of supply requirements of sensitive loads, energy conservation and management and power quality monitoring and solutions. 

Electrotek® Concepts | PQView®

What is PQView 4?

Developed in collaboration with EPRI® and Electric Utility partners globally, PQView 4 is the flagship product of Electrotek Concepts, Inc.—built from the ground up to be the best-in-class Power Quality data concentrator and analysis software. PQView can acquire and store data from multiple sources, and provide powerful data analytics and reporting capabilities via a responsive web enabled user interface.

For more information, you can visit electrotek.com

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PQSynergy™ International Conference and Exhibition

PQSynergy™ is an international forum to share experiences, requirements, questions, information, customer requirements, problems and solutions in the fast growth area of Quality of Supply (QOS) requirements of sensitive loads, Energy Conservation and Management and Power Quality Monitoring and Solutions. The conference is held normally in Thailand but occasionally is relocated around Asia.

Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

We offer a wide range of power quality products and services, including electrical system power analysis, testing, monitoring, trouble analysis, fault diagnostics, ground current testing, leakage current testing, power quality sensitive testing, design advice for power quality and power quality training for end user and utility customer engineers.

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