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Power Quality Blog has been created by Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to share knowledge, and experience in solving power quality challenges. We focus on a wide range of power quality related issues, such as harmonics, transients, voltage variations, flicker, poor power factor, voltage sags and swells, and unbalance electrical loads etc.

PQ Blog also includes case studies, power standards, power protection, PQ meters, PQ technologies, PQSynergy™ papers and much more.

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Part 7: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards (Overcurrent, Fuse & Circuit Breaker)

Published By Nikola Zlatanov* Complete Overcurrent Device Interest in complete overcurrent device selectivity has increased due to the addition of selectivity requirements to articles 700, 701, and 708 of the National Electrical Code (NFPA70). Many users, both commercial and industrial, use fuses and circuit breakers simultaneously. Traditional Time- Current Curve (TCC) analysis is known toContinue reading “Part 7: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards (Overcurrent, Fuse & Circuit Breaker)”

Part 6: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards (Power Quality)

Published By Nikola Zlatanov* Power Quality Terms Technical Overview Introduction Sensitive electronic loads deployed today by users require strict requirements for the quality of power delivered to loads. For electronic equipment, power disturbances are defined in terms of amplitude and duration by the electronic equipment operating envelope. Electronic loads may be damaged and disrupted, withContinue reading “Part 6: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards (Power Quality)”

Part 5: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards

Published By Nikola Zlatanov* Medium Voltage Equipment Surge Protection Considerations Transformers If the voltage withstand/BIL rating of the transformer is less than that of the switchgear feeding the transformer, surge protection is recommended at the transformer terminals, in line with established practices. In addition, consideration should be given to using surge arresters and/or surge capacitorsContinue reading “Part 5: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards”

Electrotek® Concepts | PQView®

PQDiffractor’s Latest Version is Available to Download

PQView 4 brings you a smooth interface for viewing PQDIF and COMTRADE files, along with a wealth of other power quality monitoring and analytical capabilities. But what if you’re in a pinch and only need the file viewer?

PQDiffractor is a PQDIF and COMTRADE viewer written by Electrotek Concepts, Inc. for viewing, browsing, diagnosing, and converting PQDIF files and COMTRADE files, and is a free software download from our website.

That’s right. It’s free.
  • Read binary PQDIF Files using specifications from IEEE Std 1159.3-2003
  • Read ASCII or binary COMTRADE Files using specifications from IEEE Std C37.111-1991 or C37.111-1999
  • View lists of data source records in each PQDIF file
  • View lists of analog and digital channels from COMTRADE configuration files
  • Create interactive charts from PQDIF observations with channels of any quantity type
  • View samples from analog COMTRADE waveforms and digital status channels
  • Export displayed observations to Microsoft Excel as CSV files

To read more about PQDIF and COMTRADE, and to view a full list of PQDiffractor’s capabilities, visit our website, at electrotek.com/pqdiffractor/

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500kV Disconnect Switch

High – Voltage Disconnect Switch Arcing

Captured by Neil Brady, the maintenance foreman of the 500 kV Eldorado Substation near Boulder City, Nevada at the time of the event.