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Harmonics Generation, Propagation and Purging Techniques in Non-Linear Loads

Published by Hadeed Ahmed Sher, Khaled E. Addoweesh and Yasin Khan 1. Introduction Industrial revolution has transformed the whole life with advanced technological improvements. The major contribution in the industrial revolution is due to the availability of electrical power that is distributed through electrical utilities around the world. The concept of power quality in thisContinue reading “Harmonics Generation, Propagation and Purging Techniques in Non-Linear Loads”

Industrial Grids with Frequency Inverters and Localization of the Earth Fault

Published by Tomáš SNIEGOŇ, Jiří GURECKY, Department of Electrical Power Engineering, VŠB – TU Ostrava Abstract. This article focuses on industrial grids with frequency inverters and evaluation of the earth fault and its localization. In the first part the system of localization of the earth fault, industrial grids with frequency inverters and typical application inContinue reading “Industrial Grids with Frequency Inverters and Localization of the Earth Fault”

Research of the Fault Location Method of Distribution Network

Published by Yan LI1, Yu GUO2, Xiping WANG1,Electrical engineering department Hebei Engineering and Technical College (1), Langfang Yongqing supply Co.,Ltd. (2) Abstract. The rough set theory is used to realize the automatic fault location method of the rural power distribution network. The decision table of the distribution network fault location is based on the faultContinue reading “Research of the Fault Location Method of Distribution Network”

Efunity becomes PQSynergyTM & PQ Blog Gold Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Efunity was a Golden Sponsor for PQSynergyTM Conference Exhibition 2022 and Power Quality Blog (PQ Blog). It is a privilege to be supported by Efunity.

We are grateful to Eddie Ong, Chief Operating Officer and to the Efunity team.

Efunity is a company based out of Singapore that offers turnkey solutions in energy and power quality monitoring and analysis. We also carry and keep stock for a wide range of smart power meters, branch feeder meters, power quality analyzers, current sensors and intelligent earth leakage relays.

Recently appointed as distributor of PQAi, an IOT-capable power quality analyzer that can monitor up to 15 three-phase channels, we are able to expand our reach to new industries and applications where power quality monitoring is often sidestepped due to a lack of cost-effective solutions.

We are currently working with utilities and asset owners in implementing smart grid solutions to improve the overall operational status of the grid network to better match supply and demand. As the world transition towards widespread adoption of sustainable energy and electric vehicles, we are preparing customers for the challenges that these technologies may bring. This is particular important for industries that require “zero incident, zero downtime”.

Anchored by our vast experience and supported by our strong R&D team, we are able to help you resolve existing issues and mitigate future problems in your infrastructure. Energy and power is our business. Let’s start a conversation.

For more information, you can visit efunity.com.

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PQSynergy™ Papers

PQSynergy™ is an international forum to share experiences, requirements, questions, information, customer requirements, problems and solutions in the fast growth area of quality of supply requirements of sensitive loads, energy conservation and management and power quality monitoring and solutions. 

Electrotek® Concepts | PQView®

What is PQView 4?

Developed in collaboration with EPRI® and Electric Utility partners globally, PQView 4 is the flagship product of Electrotek Concepts, Inc.—built from the ground up to be the best-in-class Power Quality data concentrator and analysis software. PQView can acquire and store data from multiple sources, and provide powerful data analytics and reporting capabilities via a responsive web enabled user interface.

For more information, you can visit electrotek.com

PQView Overview
PQWeb 4 Overview. A quick overview of the powerful data visualization tools available in PQWeb 4.

PQView Editons

PQView 4 is available in three (3) editions: PQView Express, PQView Standard, and PQView Professional.

PQView 4 Express
PQView Express is intended for single-server installation. The installation of Express is a very simple process: it only requires running two installers (and upgrades only require one installer). PQView Express is recommended for small organizations, or for customers who wish to try out PQView in a simplified form. PQView Express does not use Microsoft IIS. The maximum number of monitors that can be integrated with PQView Express is 50.

PQView 4 Standard
PQView Standard is the next step up from Express. Standard includes all the features of Express, plus it supports distributed installations and uses Microsoft IIS. PQView Standard is recommended for system sizes larger than 50 monitors and/or organizations with infrastructures that require distributed installations.

PQView 4 Professional
PQView Professional includes all of the features of the Standard version and adds support for Windows Authentication, additional database support (MS Access and SQL Azure), and includes additional advanced analysis options unavailable in the Standard version.

PQSynergy™ International Conference and Exhibition

PQSynergy™ is an international forum to share experiences, requirements, questions, information, customer requirements, problems and solutions in the fast growth area of Quality of Supply (QOS) requirements of sensitive loads, Energy Conservation and Management and Power Quality Monitoring and Solutions. The conference is held normally in Thailand but occasionally is relocated around Asia.

Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

We offer a wide range of power quality products and services, including electrical system power analysis, testing, monitoring, trouble analysis, fault diagnostics, ground current testing, leakage current testing, power quality sensitive testing, design advice for power quality and power quality training for end user and utility customer engineers.

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