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Power Quality Blog has been created by Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to share knowledge, and experience in solving power quality challenges. We focus on a wide range of power quality related issues, such as harmonics, transients, voltage variations, flicker, poor power factor, voltage sags and swells, and unbalance electrical loads etc.

PQ Blog also includes case studies, power standards, power protection, PQ meters, PQ technologies, PQSynergy™ papers and much more.

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Laboratory Investigation of the Input Current Characteristics of Modern Domestic Appliances for Varying Supply Voltage Conditions

Published by Sean Elphick, Senior Member, IEEE University of Wollongong, elpho@uow.edu.auPhilip Ciufo, Senior Member, IEEE University of Wollongong, ciufo@uow.edu.auSarath Perera, Member, IEEE, University of Wollongong, sarath@uow.edu.au Publication Details S. Elphick, P. Ciufo & S. Perera, “Laboratory investigation of the input current characteristics of modern domestic appliances for varying supply voltage conditions,” in 14th International ConferenceContinue reading “Laboratory Investigation of the Input Current Characteristics of Modern Domestic Appliances for Varying Supply Voltage Conditions”

Phasor-Based Approach for Harmonic Assessment from Multiple Distributed Energy Resources

Published by Reza Arghandeh & Alexandra von Meier, Member IEEE, CIEE, EECS Dept, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA. Email: arghandeh@berkeley.ed Robert Broadwater, Senior Member IEEE, ECE Dept Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, USA Abstract — This paper analyzes impacts and interactions of harmonics from multiple sources, especially distributed energy resources, on distribution networks. WeContinue reading “Phasor-Based Approach for Harmonic Assessment from Multiple Distributed Energy Resources”

Power Quality Standards

Published by Mark McGranaghan, Electrotek Concepts, Inc. Electrical Contractor Magazine, Power Quality for the Electrical Contractor Course Introduction Power quality has always been important. However, for many years the equation defining power quality was very simple: POWER QUALITY = RELIABILITY Customer loads were linear in nature. When a sinusoidal voltage was supplied to them, theyContinue reading “Power Quality Standards”

Electrotek® Concepts | PQView®

IEC 61850 on PQView 4!

Utilities know that merging data from devices within several substations, or even across a whole system, can get complicated—especially when you have devices from a variety of vendors. That’s why they know that IEC 61850 is such a powerful method of integrating those communications. We at Electrotek have been hard at work to bring you the very best of what you need, and now, we are excited to announce the next big chapter in PQView 4 capabilities: IEC 61850 communications!

Here’s how it works:

IEC 61850 is an international standard for TCP/IP networked communications with Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED’s) in substations. IEC 61850 uses object-oriented methods that allow for data to be shared between IEDs and software systems using standard communication methods. By using IEC 61850, PQView can acquire real-time and recorded data from IEDs. Data is stored in the PQView database alongside all other data acquired by PQView’s PQDMS. Unlike traditional polled devices, IEDs send measured values to PQView via IEC 61850 Reports.

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There is no escape from second order systems. Credited by u/CorneliusCandleberr, Source: Reddit r/engineeringmemes