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Power Quality Blog has been created by Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to share knowledge, and experience in solving power quality challenges.

We focus on a wide range of power quality related issues, such as harmonics, transients, voltage variations, flicker, poor power factor, voltage sags and swells, and unbalance electrical loads etc.

PQ Blog also includes case studies, power standards, power protection, PQ meters, PQ technologies, PQSynergy™ papers and much more.

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AC “Ice Cube” Relays Applied for Improved Power Quality

Published by Mark Stephens, P.E. and Alden Wright, P.E., CEM EPRI, Knoxville Presented at EPRI PQ and Smart Distribution 2010 Conference and Exhibition:Transporting You into the 21st Century Distribution System, June 14th – 17th, 2010

Power Quality Considerations of Wind Power Plants

Published by David Mueller, P.E., Manager, Power System Studies, Electrotek Concepts, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee, USA Email: davem@electrotek.com Presented at 2010 Georgia Tech Fault Disturbance Analysis Conference Abstract Wind power plants are the fastest growing power generation source, and this trend is expected to continue. This paper describes the different types of wind power turbine electricalContinue reading “Power Quality Considerations of Wind Power Plants”

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