An Introduction to Harmonics

Published by Alex Roderick, EE Power – Technical Articles An Introduction to Harmonics, May 06, 2021. This article will provide a basic introduction of harmonics in power engineering. A harmonic is a current or voltage component at a frequency that is an integer (whole number) multiple (2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.) of the fundamental frequency. For example, whenContinue reading “An Introduction to Harmonics”

The Difference Between Class A & Class S

Published by GMC-Instruments Power Quality: What Does Class A Mean? Power quality monitoring doesn’t often become an issue until incidents such as system malfunctions, equipment failures, process interruptions, data loss, IT disruptions or even power failure have occurred. As a rule, incidents of this sort are very time-consuming because they cause can’t always pinpointed rightContinue reading “The Difference Between Class A & Class S”

Measurement of Power Characteristics in Public Lighting Networks

Published by Peter JANIGA, Dionýz GAŠPAROVSKÝ, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Abstract. The aim of this paper is to share the results of measurements in public lighting networks of current status in terms of electrical characteristics. Based on the measurements it is possible to create an image of the actual power proportions in publicContinue reading “Measurement of Power Characteristics in Public Lighting Networks”

Transient Performance of Interconnected Wind Turbine Grounding Systems

Published by Blagoja MARKOVSKI, Leonid GRCEV, Vesna ARNAUTOVSKI-TOSEVA, Marija KACARSKA,Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies Abstract. We analyze the transient grounding characteristics of interconnected wind turbine grounding systems, for fast rising current pulses. By increasing the number of wind turbines, influences on harmonic impedance and transient potentialContinue reading “Transient Performance of Interconnected Wind Turbine Grounding Systems”

Importance of Power Quality – Motor

Published by Emerich Energy Private Limited Power quality is of prime importance in deciding the efficiency of any motor. Some of the critical parameters of power quality are • Harmonics• Voltage Unbalance• Voltage Fluctuations In an alternating current (AC) system, the voltage potential and the current through the load circuit are described in frequency andContinue reading “Importance of Power Quality – Motor”

Application of Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Placement of Wind Generators in the MV Power Grid

Published by Ryszard SZCZEBIOT1, Sławomir CIEŚLIK2, State College of Computer Science and Business Administration in Łomża (1)University of Technology and Life Sciences, Bydgoszcz (2) Abstract. The paper presents a modelling method of optimal connection of wind generators to a medium voltage (MV) power grid taking into account minimum active power losses. A genetic algorithm wasContinue reading “Application of Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Placement of Wind Generators in the MV Power Grid”

General Reference – Effects of Harmonics at Industrial Facilities

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc., PQSoft Case Study: General Reference – Effects of Harmonics at Industrial Facilities, Document ID: PQS0409, Date: September 30, 2004. Abstract: Harmonic currents injected into the system by nonlinear loads, and the voltage distortion they create as they flow through system impedances, can reduce equipment operating reliability and service life. Potential problemsContinue reading “General Reference – Effects of Harmonics at Industrial Facilities”

Impact of Renewables on Relay Protection Operation

Published by Mikhail ANDREEV, Aleksey SUVOROV, Alisher ASKAROV, Anton KIEVETS, Vladimir RUDNIK, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia Abstract. The current trend in the development of electric power systems is the integration of renewable energy sources in the form of distributed generation. It was revealed that one of the main reasons inhibiting this process is a changeContinue reading “Impact of Renewables on Relay Protection Operation”

Study on a New Method for Overvoltage Measurement using CVT

Published by Si WENRONG, Jin HENG, Huang HUA, Fu CHENZHAO, East China Electric Power Test & Research Institute Company Limited, Shanghai, China Abstract. This paper introduces a new method for overvoltage measurements in 500kV power system using capacitor voltage transformer (CVT). It is realized with a voltage sensor installed within CVT as the low-voltage capacitorContinue reading “Study on a New Method for Overvoltage Measurement using CVT”

Power Network Parameters Standards with Implements IEEE-1459 Power Definitions

Published by Andrzej OLENCKI1, Daniel BELICA2, Jarosław MARKIEWICZ3, Piotr MRÓZ4 ,Calmet Spółka z o.o. Zielona Góra (1,2,3), Uniwersytet Zielonogórski (4) Abstract. The development of Polish portable standards of power network parameters and their concepts are presented, taking into account the requirements of the IEEE-1459 standard in the scope of the separation of the fundamental frequencyContinue reading “Power Network Parameters Standards with Implements IEEE-1459 Power Definitions”