Transmission System Harmonics Study

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc., PQSoft Case Study: Transmission System Harmonics Study, Document ID: PQS0501, Date: March 31, 2005. Abstract: A utility presently operates two 16.8 MVAr capacitor banks in a 161/69kV substation. Supplied by this substation are residential, commercial, and industrial loads, including a steel manufacturing facility. For increased voltage support, the utility is investigatingContinue reading “Transmission System Harmonics Study”

Substation Protection Against Transient Overvoltages and Lightning Strikes

Published by Lorenzo Mari, EE Power – Technical Articles: Substation Protection Against Transient Overvoltages and Lightning Strikes, December 11, 2020. Learn how surge arresters protect power substations against lightning and switching overvoltages. Transient overvoltages are typical of power systems. The sources of overvoltages are direct or nearby lightning strikes, switching operations, electromagnetic pulses, and electrostatic discharges.Continue reading “Substation Protection Against Transient Overvoltages and Lightning Strikes”