Harmonics & Waveform Measurements Low Pass Filter & Sine Wave Filter for a 460V 100HP AC Motor with VFD

Published by Dranetz™ Technologies, Inc., Case Study, Website: dranetz.com. This case study was submitted by Ing. Leopoldo Martínez Basulto, Dranetz México. INTRODUCTION Harmonics are an important PQ issue today. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), computers, LED lighting, electronic ballasts, etc. are widely used in all kinds of facilities. It is well knownContinue reading “Harmonics & Waveform Measurements Low Pass Filter & Sine Wave Filter for a 460V 100HP AC Motor with VFD”

Beware of Asymmetry – Causes, Consequences, Measurement and Control

Published by Sonel Three-phase motors are overheating! Overcurrent breakers are triggering without a reason! Energy bills are higher than expected! Undesirable Asymmetry The economic benefits of energy suppliers and their users are strongly dependent on reliability, safety and efficiency of the power system. One of the phenomena that is strongly related to the efficiency ofContinue reading “Beware of Asymmetry – Causes, Consequences, Measurement and Control”

Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Motor Loads

Applications Guide, April 2001 Published by Fluke Corporation Introduction This section provides examples that you can use to troubleshoot induction motors with and without an adjustable speed drive. Figure 4. Distribution System: Motor Loads Induction Motors Checking Voltage Imbalance For 3 phase induction motors, the supply voltage on all three phases should be in balance.Continue reading “Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Motor Loads”

Power Quality, Electronic Motor Drives, & Other Sensitive Loads

Published by Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. http://www.powerquality.co.th Classes of Sensitive Loads Electronic motor drives Computers Computerized equipment Automated machines that have PLC’s Automatic test equipment Electronic scales Electronic Motor Drives Types of drives Basic electrical operations Understanding electric motors DC drives AC drives Harmonics and power factor Future What is an Electronic Drive? TheContinue reading “Power Quality, Electronic Motor Drives, & Other Sensitive Loads”

Stalled Motors

In this case study, we look at an industrial customer with two 1250hp motors on a 4kV circuit, whose motors would not start. To determine the problem, we installed a Dranetz – BMI PP4300 at the motor input. The power monitoring instrument quickly identified the motor itself as the source of the problem. In fact,Continue reading “Stalled Motors”