Measurement Characteristics of Voltage in Practice and Possibilities for Improvement of Voltage

Published by Alena OTCENASOVA, Juraj ALTUS, Petr HECKO, Marek ROCH,Slovakia, University of Zilina, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Power Electrical Systems Abstract. Worsened quality of supplied as well as demanded electricity causes in reality a large financial loss. The main quality parameters monitored today are voltage dips and interruptions. In this context there areContinue reading “Measurement Characteristics of Voltage in Practice and Possibilities for Improvement of Voltage”

Power Quality Issues, Solutions and Standards: A Technology Review

Published by P. M. Balasubramaniam1 and S. U. Prabha2*1Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India2Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore, India *Corresponding author. E-mail: AbstractClassically, the aim of the electric power system is to generate electrical energy and to deliver thisContinue reading “Power Quality Issues, Solutions and Standards: A Technology Review”

Higher Harmonics Compensation in Grid-Connected PWM Converters for Renewable Energy Interface and Active Filtering

Published by Szymon PIASECKI1, Marek JASIŃSKI1, Krzysztof RAFAŁ1, Marek KORZENIEWSKI 2, Aritz MILICUA3, Politechnika Warszawska, Instytut Sterowania i Elektroniki Przemysłowej (1), Politechnika Białostocka, Katedra Energoelektroniki i Napędów Elektrycznych (2), Uniwersytet w Mondragon, Wydział Elektryczny (3) Abstract. The paper presents overview of high-order harmonics compensation methods applied for control of grid-connected converter. Two harmonic compensation methodsContinue reading “Higher Harmonics Compensation in Grid-Connected PWM Converters for Renewable Energy Interface and Active Filtering”

Power Quality Monitoring Provides Additional Value

Published by Mark Wojdan, P.E., Date: Aug. 23, 2018. Hydro Ottawa’s central power quality program improves asset reliability while generally lowering operating and maintenance expenses. Many utilities have experienced how labor intensive it is to retrieve and compare power quality (PQ) data from numerous devices and systems, no matter the infrastructure in place. Delays andContinue reading “Power Quality Monitoring Provides Additional Value”

Study of Power Quality Disturbance for Restructuring of Power Systems

Published by Rimjhim Tiwari, Dilip Kumar, International Journal of Engineering and Technical Research (IJETR), ISSN: 2321-0869, Volume-2, Issue-12, December 2014. Abstract— In recent years, the traditional power systems’ structures have been changed, and the concern over power quality has increased due to the new generation of load equipments. This equipments has been fully automated electronically,Continue reading “Study of Power Quality Disturbance for Restructuring of Power Systems”

PQ Monitoring in Selected Networks of Czech Republic

Published by Petr KREJCI1, Pavel SANTARIUS1, Radovan HAJOVSKY1, Richard VELICKA1, Radim CUMPELIK2VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic (1), CEZ, a.s., Czech Republic (2) Abstract. In the paper, the results of the complex monitoring of selected PQ parameters during 12 years will be summarized together with the comparison of the changes of parameters afterContinue reading “PQ Monitoring in Selected Networks of Czech Republic”

Harmonics / K-factor Ratings

Published by Siemens Canada, Siemens Limited Power Product Catalogue, Canadian Edition 2019. Section 18 – Technical, Contents: Harmonics / K-factor Ratings (18-16, 18-17) Non-Linear Loads When a sinusoidal voltage is applied to a linear load, the resultant current waveform takes on the shape of a sine wave as well. Typical linear loads are resistive heatingContinue reading “Harmonics / K-factor Ratings”

Interharmonics: Theory and Modeling

IEEE Task Force on Harmonics Modeling and Simulation Published by A. Testa, M. F. Akram, R. Burch, G. Carpinelli, G. Chang, V. Dinavahi, C. Hatziadoniu, W. M. Grady, E. Gunther, M. Halpin, P. Lehn, Y. Liu, R. Langella, M. Lowenstein, A. Medina, T. Ortmeyer, S. Ranade, P. Ribeiro, N. Watson, J. Wikston, and W. XuContinue reading “Interharmonics: Theory and Modeling”

General Reference – Modeling for Voltage Variation Analysis

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc., PQSoft Case Study: General Reference – Modeling for Voltage Variation Analysis, Document ID: PQS0307, Date: February 4, 2003. Abstract: Voltage variations, such as voltage sags and momentary interruptions are two of the most important power quality concerns for customers. Voltage variations and interruptions are inevitable on the power system. The mostContinue reading “General Reference – Modeling for Voltage Variation Analysis”

Electric Power Quality and Ship’s Safety

Published by J. Mindykowski2, E. Szmit1, T. Tarasiuk21 Polish Register of Shipping, Electrical and Automation Department2 Department of Marine Electrical Power Engineering of Gdynia Maritime University 1.Introduction The issue of electric power quality onboard ships has seemed of utmost importance, in particular nowadays when a great progress in implementation of electric drives for ship’s thrusters,Continue reading “Electric Power Quality and Ship’s Safety”