General Reference – Using Simulations and Measurements in PQ Analysis

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc., PQSoft Case Study: General Reference – Using Simulations and Measurements in PQ Analysis, Document ID: PQS0309, Date: April 16, 2003. Abstract: Simulations provide a convenient means to characterize power quality problems, predict disturbance characteristics, and evaluate possible solutions to problems. They should be performed in conjunction with monitoring efforts and measurementsContinue reading “General Reference – Using Simulations and Measurements in PQ Analysis”

Dranetz HDPQ Plus & SP Products and IEEE 519-2014

Published by Dranetz Technologies, Inc. INTRODUCTION IEEE Std. 519-2014, IEEE Recommended Practice and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electric Power Systems is the most current recommended practice from the IEEE related to harmonics measurement and compliance. Although the recommended practices from the IEEE are usually only followed in North America, IEEE 519-2014 is used in LatinContinue reading “Dranetz HDPQ Plus & SP Products and IEEE 519-2014”

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Testing Applications

Published by Dranetz Technologies, Inc. VFD motor controls have become very popular for both retrofits and in new applications. They offer increased energy efficiency, potential for less motor wear, lower startup currents and more. Potential disadvantageous include producing harmonics and damaged motors if they are not controlled properly. VFD’s use a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) voltageContinue reading “Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Testing Applications”

Dranetz HDPQ Family Generator & Mission Critical Testing

Published by Dranetz Technologies, Inc. INTRODUCTION Data centers, hospitals, mission critical and other facilities rely on standby power. This is often generators that are ready to carry the load if there is an interruption in the primary power source. Such facilities often have UPS systems for a seamless transition to standby power, and to carry theContinue reading “Dranetz HDPQ Family Generator & Mission Critical Testing”

Energy Platform EP1 Trend Data Time Interval

Published by Terry Chandler, Director of Engineering, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Emails:, The EP1 is Energy Platform has a slightly different time interval for the trended data from the other Dranetz portable products. The PX/PG/PV have a minimum intervals of 1 second, 10 seconds and 1 minute. Note: There are some limitations onContinue reading “Energy Platform EP1 Trend Data Time Interval”

Dranetz HDPQ Generator & Mission Critical Applications

Load stepping, power source switching and other tests required during the commissioning and troubleshooting of mission critical facilities presents unique challenges to the average PQ analyzer, but Dranetz doesn’t make average PQ analyzers. Most PQ analyzers can’t reliably capture the step load changes, don’t have a large enough recording buffer, can’t capture the effects onContinue reading “Dranetz HDPQ Generator & Mission Critical Applications”

Power Quality Measurement and Analysis Basics

Published by Randy Barnett, Certified Energy Auditor and Trainer for NTT, Centennial, Colo. Email: , March 1st, 2012. How to interpret the results of a power quality site survey Analyzing electrical parameters associated with distributing electricity is viewed by many as complex engineering work. Yet, for engineers, electricians, and technicians troubleshooting equipment problems theseContinue reading “Power Quality Measurement and Analysis Basics”

Beware of Asymmetry – Causes, Consequences, Measurement and Control

Published by Sonel Three-phase motors are overheating! Overcurrent breakers are triggering without a reason! Energy bills are higher than expected! Undesirable Asymmetry The economic benefits of energy suppliers and their users are strongly dependent on reliability, safety and efficiency of the power system. One of the phenomena that is strongly related to the efficiency ofContinue reading “Beware of Asymmetry – Causes, Consequences, Measurement and Control”