How to Conduct an Energy Audit Using the Energy Platform EP1

White Paper Introduction Sophisticated energy analyzers introduced in the 80s were able to trend and record energy usage and help identify when, where, and how much electrical energy was being used. However, due to limited user-interface capabilities, these analyzers printed to paper tape and tended to be complex to operate. At that time, the costContinue reading “How to Conduct an Energy Audit Using the Energy Platform EP1”

Encore Series UPS Monitoring

Application Note WHERE EVERY MILLISECOND COUNTS! The digital economy has redefined business operations and is setting new standards for electric power reliability and quality. Downtime – undesirable for any business – is catastrophic for Data Centers and other high reliability facilities where even the smallest power quality issue can cause equipment failure, data corruption, andContinue reading “Encore Series UPS Monitoring”

PQ Monitoring Standards – What You Need To Know

DESCRIPTION There’s an age-old problem in the Power Quality (PQ) monitoring industry – measure the same circuit with instruments from different manufactures at the same time, and you could get different results! Which one do you believe? Do you trust any of them? There have been electrical energy monitoring standards for many years that defineContinue reading “PQ Monitoring Standards – What You Need To Know”

Determining Sag Directivity

Application Note INTRODUCTION Voltage sags, or dips are the most common type of power quality (PQ) event. Knowing the directivity of the sag, or where it originated, is very import when trying to locate its source and to ultimately mitigate the problem. This application note outlines some rules of thumb to help determine the directivityContinue reading “Determining Sag Directivity”


New Portable Power Logger + PQ Detector! Introducing DranXperT – a new portable, low cost, power logger and PQ detector from Dranetz. DranXperT is two products in one: Accurate, 3 phase, bi-directional power/energy logger PQ detector with 1/2 cycle resolution to identify and record common PQ issues such as sags/dips, swells, and interruptions, as well as changesContinue reading “DranXperT”

PQView & PQView DE

Dranetz Fixed System Power Monitoring Software PQView – For use with Dranetz and/or 3rd party meters PQView DE – For with Dranerz meters only What is PQView? Power Quality Analysis and reporting software Developed by Electrotek Concepts in collaboration with EPRI and Electric Utility partners globally PQView 4.x is the current version Major benefits andContinue reading “PQView & PQView DE”

Dran-View 7

White Paper Dranetz industry leading power analysis software provides professional reports and analysis to all users INTRODUCTION Dran-View® is a Windows-based software package that enables power professionals to simply and quickly visualize and analyze power monitoring data. It is easy to navigate, delivers automated functionality, and incorporates powerful analytical capabilities and customizable options to meetContinue reading “Dran-View 7”