Applications of Grid-connected Battery Energy Storage Systems

Published by Rakesh Kumar, EE Power – Technical Articles: Applications of Grid-connected Battery Energy Storage Systems, February 17, 2023. Grid operators, distributed generator plant owners, energy retailers, and consumers may receive various services from grid-connected battery energy storage systems. Learn more about the applications here. Battery energy storage systems (BESSes) act as reserve energy that canContinue reading “Applications of Grid-connected Battery Energy Storage Systems”

An Introduction to Microgrid Energy Management Systems

Published by Anushree Ramanath, EE Power – Technical Articles: An Introduction to Microgrid Energy Management Systems, July 05, 2021. This article highlights the growth of microgrids and the components of these systems. With the growing number of industries and businesses, access to reliable and cost-effective power is critical. This leads to demand for small-scale powerContinue reading “An Introduction to Microgrid Energy Management Systems”

Microgrid Operations and Applications

Published by Anushree Ramanath, EE Power – Technical Articles: Microgrid Operations and Applications, August 01, 2021. In this article, we’ll learn about microgrids, their operations, and applications in electrical utilities and various organizations. Today’s world relies on an uninterrupted electricity supply. A microgrid is a local energy grid with the capability of controlling its components [1].Continue reading “Microgrid Operations and Applications”

Model of Smart Electricity Meter

Published by Marek PAWŁOWSKI, Piotr BORKOWSKI, Bartosz BALSAM, Lodz University of Technology, Department of Electrical Apparatus Abstract. This paper presents the concepts of smart electricity grids with particular emphasis on aspects of the metering of customers through the implementation of smart meters. On the basis of the literature study, an analysis of the scope ofContinue reading “Model of Smart Electricity Meter”

Active Consumers in Smart Grid Systems – Applications of the Building Automation Technologies

Published by Marian NOGA1, Andrzej OŻADOWICZ1, Jakub GRELA1, Grzegorz HAYDUK1, AGH Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza, Wydział Elektrotechniki, Automatyki, Informatyki i Inżynierii Biomedycznej (1) Abstract. The Building Automation Systems (BAS) fulfil an increasingly important role in buildings, especially commercial and public buildings. They are an essential element of the building management systems (BMS) organization, integrating all building infrastructureContinue reading “Active Consumers in Smart Grid Systems – Applications of the Building Automation Technologies”

New Idea in Power Networks Development. Selected Problems

Published by Bożena MATUSIAK, Anna PAMUŁA, Jerzy S. ZIELIŃSKI, Katedra Informatyki Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego Abstract. Smart grids and thereafter open grids development implies changes in organizations, technical equipment Power Networks (especially ICT). These new grids influence also on organization and operation of the energy markets, for which it is very important to know correct forecast (mostlyContinue reading “New Idea in Power Networks Development. Selected Problems”

Research on Design and Control of Microgrid System

Published by Yanbo CHE, Jian CHEN,School of Electrical Engineering & Automation, Tianjin University, Tianjin China. Abstract. Microgrid system has received more and more attention internationally in recent years. As the most effective form of distributed generations, microgrid system has also found wide applications in many areas. In this paper, the optimal configuration issue of microgridContinue reading “Research on Design and Control of Microgrid System”

General Requirements for a Smart Grid Architecture – Remarks on Standards for Implementation

Published by Anna PAMUŁA, University of Lodz Abstract. The paper presents importance of standardization and potential standards relevant for Smart Grid implementation mainly focused on ICT standards. Short overview of current work performed by different bodies round the world is presented. The paper presents some recommendation based on the SEESGEN-ICT EU project and reports preparedContinue reading “General Requirements for a Smart Grid Architecture – Remarks on Standards for Implementation”

Renewable Energy Sources Intrusion into Smart Grids – Selected Problems

Published by Bożena E. MATUSIAK, Jerzy S. ZIELIŃSKI, University of Lodz Abstract. The aim of the paper are selected problems resulting from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) intrusion into Smart Grids (SG) presentation. Upon considerations there are: wind turbines influence on power system operation, RES and microgrids operation with a Power System, new Energy Market forContinue reading “Renewable Energy Sources Intrusion into Smart Grids – Selected Problems”

Smart Meter and Cost Experiment

Published by Mehmet Sait CENGİZ1University of Yüzüncü Yıl (1) Abstract. System that all stakeholders compound the activities (production, transmission, distribution, sale, consumption) to product and to consume quality, constant, reliable and economic electric energy is called Smart Grid (SG) in electric. SG, which its most important component smart meter (Smart Metering-SM), are advanced energy meteringContinue reading “Smart Meter and Cost Experiment”