Impact of Renewables on Relay Protection Operation

Published by Mikhail ANDREEV, Aleksey SUVOROV, Alisher ASKAROV, Anton KIEVETS, Vladimir RUDNIK, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia Abstract. The current trend in the development of electric power systems is the integration of renewable energy sources in the form of distributed generation. It was revealed that one of the main reasons inhibiting this process is a changeContinue reading “Impact of Renewables on Relay Protection Operation”

What is Protective Device Testing and How is it Done

Published by Carelabs (Carelabz), Website: Equipment applied to electric power systems to detect abnormal and intolerable conditions and to initiate appropriate corrective actions. These devices include lightning arresters, surge protectors, fuses, and relays with associated circuit breakers, reclosers, and so forth. From time to time, disturbances in the normal operation of a power system occur.Continue reading “What is Protective Device Testing and How is it Done”