Potential Effects of Low Steady State Voltage for Energy Efficiency Improvements on PQ

Published by Bill Howe, P.E., Program Manager, EPRI Power Quality Manager Presented at EPRI PQ and Smart Distribution 2010 Conference and Exhibition:Transporting You into the 21st Century Distribution System, June 14th – 17th, 2010

EPRI PQ Knowledge Development and Transfer 2020 Year-End Update

January 2021 The EPRI Power Quality Knowledge Development and Transfer supplemental project provides a wealth of high-impact resources in a well-designed, readable, and accessible format. Paramount among these are numerous and highly readable documents covering a wide range of PQ topics, written not only for use by busy PQ professionals, but also to expedite problemContinue reading “EPRI PQ Knowledge Development and Transfer 2020 Year-End Update”