PQView Software System

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc. Background PQView® is a database software application developed and commercialized by Electrotek Concepts, Inc. (“Electrotek”), which is designed to store and analyze large quantities of power quality-related disturbance and steady-state measurement data. PQView enables users to organize data from a variety of instruments, such as power quality monitors, microprocessor relays,Continue reading “PQView Software System”

PQView Users Group Meeting October 25-26, 2022

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc. PQView® is a Microsoft Windows server application for collecting, processing, and building databases of electric power measurements. Developed in cooperation with EPRI®, PQView has evolved into a comprehensive system for centralizing data from many different types of metering systems including power quality monitors, digital fault recorders, microprocessor relays, and SCADAContinue reading “PQView Users Group Meeting October 25-26, 2022”

Efunity becomes PQSynergy & Power Quality Blog Gold Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Efunity was a Golden Sponsor for PQSynergyTM Conference Exhibition 2022 and Power Quality Blog. It is a privilege to be supported by Efunity. We are grateful to Adrian Teo, Chief Executive Officer of Efunity and to the Efunity team. Efunity is a company based out of Singapore that offers turnkeyContinue reading “Efunity becomes PQSynergy & Power Quality Blog Gold Sponsor”

Inductors in Series

Published by Blaine Geddes In this article, you find a focus on series-connected inductors where ladder low pass filter structures consisting of series inductors and shunt capacitors are introduced. For inductors connected in series with no mutual flux coupling, the electrical effect is analogous to resistors connected in series and the individual inductance values areContinue reading “Inductors in Series”

Lifetime and Reliability

Published by U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Article: Building Technologies Program SOLID-STATE LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY FACT SHEET, Website: ssl.energy.gov Lifetime and Reliability Long life has been billed as a key advantage of LEDs, but understanding and communicating how LED products fail and how long they last can be challenging. WhileContinue reading “Lifetime and Reliability”

A Case Study on EMI Noise adversely affecting the performance & reliability of Robotics & Automation

Published by J A Simon, Chief Executive, Waveforms, Email: waveformspower@gmail.com, Website: http://www.waveforms.co.in Automation improves productivity but it can also derail the automation process due to the issue of harmonics & Emi (high-frequency noise). This case study is about how to improve the reliability, electrical efficiency, & power quality of robotics & automation. This real-time caseContinue reading “A Case Study on EMI Noise adversely affecting the performance & reliability of Robotics & Automation”