Ground Fault Protection Methods of a Generator Stator

Published by Ahmad Rizal SULTAN, Mohd Wazir bin MUSTAFA, Technology University of Malaysia, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Abstract. The type of generator grounding method and the system configuration determine the choice of ground fault protection. Ground fault generator stator can cause serious damage to the generator. Therefore, the total area of the generator stator windingsContinue reading “Ground Fault Protection Methods of a Generator Stator”

Understanding Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Generation

Published by Alex Roderick, EE Power – Technical Articles Understanding Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Generation, August 05, 2021. Learn about grid-connected and off-grid PV system configurations and the basic components involved in each kind. Solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation is the process of converting energy from the sun into electricity using solar panels. Solar panels, alsoContinue reading “Understanding Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Generation”

Usability Evaluation of PEM Fuel Cell and Supercapacitors Application in the Emergency Power Backup System

Published by Marek MALINOWSKI, Jacek CHMIELOWIEC, Grzegorz PAŚCIAK, Tymoteusz ŚWIEBODA, Electrotechnical Institute, Division of Electrotechnology and Materials Science Abstract. Evaluation of FC/SC-based UPS has been done in terms of energy containers usability in the power emergency generation system. The Uninterruptible Power Supply delivers electric support for connected loads basing on hydrogen energy direct conversion intoContinue reading “Usability Evaluation of PEM Fuel Cell and Supercapacitors Application in the Emergency Power Backup System”

Grounding for Noise Reduction in Electronic Systems

Published by Lorenzo Mari, Master of Science degree in Electric Power Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), EE Power – Technical Articles Grounding for Noise Reduction in Electronic Systems, April 06, 2021. Learn about everyday grounding systems to reduce common-mode noise. Grounding is the primary method of reducing noise pickup. A good grounding and bonding design can solve a considerableContinue reading “Grounding for Noise Reduction in Electronic Systems”

Failure Duration in Distribution Networks

Published by Martin SLIVKA, Radomír GOŇO, Stanislav RUSEK, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Abstract. The paper deals with statistical analysis of data on faults and failures in electrical power distribution. We used the statistical analysis of both MV overhead and cable lines, and electrical power stations of one distribution company. The data were collected from 2000Continue reading “Failure Duration in Distribution Networks”

The Difference Between Class A & Class S

Published by GMC-Instruments Power Quality: What Does Class A Mean? Power quality monitoring doesn’t often become an issue until incidents such as system malfunctions, equipment failures, process interruptions, data loss, IT disruptions or even power failure have occurred. As a rule, incidents of this sort are very time-consuming because they cause can’t always pinpointed rightContinue reading “The Difference Between Class A & Class S”

PV to PEV Power Transfer for Standalone Solar Power System

Published by Burak AKIN, Yıldız Technical University Abstract. In this paper, efficient PV to PEV’s li–ion battery power transfer is investigated. Dual-interleaved boost topology is applied to the PV to PEV direct power transfer system as DC-DC converter. Proposed dual interleaved boost topology is reached 97 % total efficiency with inversely coupled input boost inductances.Continue reading “PV to PEV Power Transfer for Standalone Solar Power System”

Electric Vehicle Fire Extinguishing System

Published by Andrzej ŁEBKOWSKI, Gdynia Maritime University, Department of Ship Automation Abstract. The paper presents the construction and properties of an electric vehicle fire extinguishing system. Parameters of several electric vehicles are presented, focusing on used traction battery types and system voltages. Various dangers that are possibly present during operation of an electric vehicle areContinue reading “Electric Vehicle Fire Extinguishing System”

Electric Vehicles in Mining for the Aspect of Operational Safety

Published by Wiktoria GRYCAN, Wroclaw University of Science and TechnologyORCID: 0000-0001-8121-7612 Abstract. Battery electric vehicles are becoming an opportunity for sustainable development in mining. There are several advantages of electric vehicles in mining, primarily related to improving the safety of miners’ working conditions. It is significant for mining workers that electric vehicles are not aContinue reading “Electric Vehicles in Mining for the Aspect of Operational Safety”

Solar Energy Batteries – A Critical Review

Published by Samhar Saeed Shukir, Electrical Department, Technical Institute- Kut, Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq. Corresponding Author: ABSTRACT Solar power has numerous benefits, it is a clean and renewable energy resource that can help us to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuel use and mitigate climate change. However, solar energy production is limited toContinue reading “Solar Energy Batteries – A Critical Review”