Harmonic Response of Distributed Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Published by M. Patsalides is with Dept. of Elec. & Comp. Eng., University of Cyprus, 75 Kallipoleos Avenue, P.O. Box 20537 Nicosia, 1678, Cyprus (e-mail: ee03pm1@ucy.ac.cy). A. Stavrou is with Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Amfipoleos 11, 2025, Nicosia, Cyprus (e-mail: astavrou@eac.com.cy). G. Makrides is with Dept. of Elec. & Comp. Eng., University of Cyprus, 75Continue reading “Harmonic Response of Distributed Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems”

Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Basic Measurements

Applications Guide, April 2001 Published by Fluke Corporation Introduction This section provides easy-to-do measurements which you can perform almost anywhere. Begin with these examples to get started with the Fluke 43B. Note: It is a good idea to reset the Fluke 43B before you start a new application. This way, you always start from theContinue reading “Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Basic Measurements”

Bridging the Gap Between Signal and Power

Assessing Power System Quality using Signal Processing Techniques Published by Math H.J. Bollen1, Irene Y.H. Gu2, Surya Santoso3, Mark F. McGranaghan4, Peter A. Crossley5, Moisés V. Ribeiro6, and Paulo F. Ribeiro7 Source: IEEE Signal Magazine, 2009 Signal processing has been used in many different applications, including electric power systems. This is an important category, sinceContinue reading “Bridging the Gap Between Signal and Power”

Defining Interharmonics

White Paper, April 2013 Contributed by Chris Mullins, VP of Engineering and Operations, Power Monitors, Inc. Email: cmullins@powermonitors.comWebsite: http://www.powermonitors.comTel: 800.296.4120 ABSTRACT Interharmonics are frequency components at noninteger harmonics of the line frequency. The proliferation of large DC-converter variable speed drives and wind/solar inverter generation has led to an increase in interharmonic levels. Troubleshooting the resultingContinue reading “Defining Interharmonics”

Part 6: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards (Power Quality)

Published by Nikola Zlatanov* Power Quality Terms Technical Overview Introduction Sensitive electronic loads deployed today by users require strict requirements for the quality of power delivered to loads. For electronic equipment, power disturbances are defined in terms of amplitude and duration by the electronic equipment operating envelope. Electronic loads may be damaged and disrupted, withContinue reading “Part 6: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards (Power Quality)”

Part 1: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards

Published by Nikola Zlatanov Mr. Nikola Zlatanov spent over 20 years working in the Capital Semiconductor Equipment Industry. His work at Gasonics, Novellus, Lam and KLA-Tencor involved progressing electrical engineering and management roles in disruptive technologies. Nikola received his Undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems from Technical University, Sofia, Bulgaria and completed aContinue reading “Part 1: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards”