Interpretation & Analysis of Power Quality Measurements

Published by Christopher J. Melhorn, Electrotek Concepts, Inc. Knoxville, Tennessee Mark F. McGranaghan, Electrotek Concepts, Inc. Knoxville, Tennessee ABSTRACT This paper describes advances in power quality monitoring equipment and software tools for analyzing power quality measurement results. Power quality monitoring has advanced from strictly problem solving to ongoing monitoring of system performance. The increased amountContinue reading “Interpretation & Analysis of Power Quality Measurements”

Impact of Thunderstorms

Published by Dranetz – BMI Case Studies As the first thunderstorms of the season begin to roll through, it is important to safeguard your facility’s equipment against the significant damage that can be caused by the high frequency transient energy of lightning strikes. The first step is to make sure that you power monitor isContinue reading “Impact of Thunderstorms”

Voltage Transients Causing Diode Failures

Published by Dranetz – BMI Case Studies A plastic extrusion manufacturer in the mid-West had a 480V delta feeding a plastic extrusion machine. The ASD-driven synchronous motor in the extruder had a half-wave bridge rectifier circuit to provide excitation voltage to the pole coils. Diodes on the half-wave bridge exciter circuit were blowing out, andContinue reading “Voltage Transients Causing Diode Failures”