Enhancing of a DC Air-Conditioning System Based on Solar Power Generation

Published by Marwa Ben SLIMENE2,3, Mohamed Arbi KHLIFI1,3, Faculty Engineering, Islamic University of Madinah KSA (1), College of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Haʼil, Haʼil, (2), SIME Laboratory, ENSIT, University of Tunis, (3) Abstract. Photovoltaics powered DC air conditioners have a lot of potential for energy-efficient cooling while also being very cost-effective. They haveContinue reading “Enhancing of a DC Air-Conditioning System Based on Solar Power Generation”

DC Current Sensors for Revenue-Grade Metering

Published by J&D is a world leader for high technology, high-performance current sensor that perfectly meet the needs of the metering sector. Email support@hqsensing.com Published in SMART ENERGY INTERNATIONAL ISSUE – 5 | 2018 A recent report by the US Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) predicts that by 2020, the DC distribution market will accountContinue reading “DC Current Sensors for Revenue-Grade Metering”