Dranetz HDPQ Generator & Mission Critical Applications

Load stepping, power source switching and other tests required during the commissioning and troubleshooting of mission critical facilities presents unique challenges to the average PQ analyzer, but Dranetz doesn’t make average PQ analyzers. Most PQ analyzers can’t reliably capture the step load changes, don’t have a large enough recording buffer, can’t capture the effects onContinue reading “Dranetz HDPQ Generator & Mission Critical Applications”

FLEX-CORE® Glossary of Terms

Published by FLEX-CORE®, Div. Morlan & Associates, Inc. Current Transformers Usually rated on a basis of 5 amperes secondary current and used to reduce primary current to usable levels for transformer-rated meters or transducers and to insulate and isolate them from high voltage circuits. Current Transformer Ratio Ratio of primary to secondary current. For aContinue reading “FLEX-CORE® Glossary of Terms”

Dran-View 7 Software

Published by Dranetz Our instruments are great, but Dran-View 7 software makes them better! Much more than just a viewer, Dran-View adds value to any power survey.  Used by tens of thousands of power professionals, Dran-View is included with most of our portable instrument packages, including HDPQ and DranXperT: Easily see recorded trends & eventContinue reading “Dran-View 7 Software”

PQDiffractor is a Free PQDIF and COMTRADE Viewer

Published by The Electrotek Team PQView 4 brings you a smooth interface for viewing PQDIF and COMTRADE files, along with a wealth of other power quality monitoring and analytical capabilities. But what if you’re in a pinch and only need the file viewer? PQDiffractor is a PQDIF and COMTRADE viewer written by Electrotek Concepts, Inc. forContinue reading “PQDiffractor is a Free PQDIF and COMTRADE Viewer”

Dranetz Announces Flex CT’s For DranXperT!

Dranetz is pleased to announce the addition of Flex CT’s to DranXperT. DranXperT is a low cost, 3-phase power & energy logger for use in virtually any power logging application. With the addition of Flex CT’s, DranXperT now offers the widest range of CT choices on the market. DranXperT’s capabilities includes: High accurate power &Continue reading “Dranetz Announces Flex CT’s For DranXperT!”

The Ultimate PQ Data Concentrator

Published by The Electrotek Team PQView is much more than a power quality data browser. It is also a powerful data concentrator for any sized monitoring system. PQView’s PQ Data Manager System (PQDMS) offers seamless integration to meters from many popular manufacturers.  Support for generic file formats such as PQDIF and COMTRADE is also available,Continue reading “The Ultimate PQ Data Concentrator”