Smart Capacitor

Published by Wendy Wang, Jiangsu Modern Electric Technology Co., Ltd. The first developer of smart capacitor in China; Nantong, Jiangsu, China. Introduction Smart capacitor integrates such advanced technologies as modern measure-control, power electronics, network communication, automation control, power capacitor and others. It changes the outdated controller technology of traditional reactive power compensation device and theContinue reading “Smart Capacitor”


New Portable Power Logger + PQ Detector! Introducing DranXperT – a new portable, low cost, power logger and PQ detector from Dranetz. DranXperT is two products in one: Accurate, 3 phase, bi-directional power/energy logger PQ detector with 1/2 cycle resolution to identify and record common PQ issues such as sags/dips, swells, and interruptions, as well as changesContinue reading “DranXperT”

PQView & PQView DE

Dranetz Fixed System Power Monitoring Software PQView – For use with Dranetz and/or 3rd party meters PQView DE – For with Dranerz meters only What is PQView? Power Quality Analysis and reporting software Developed by Electrotek Concepts in collaboration with EPRI and Electric Utility partners globally PQView 4.x is the current version Major benefits andContinue reading “PQView & PQView DE”

PQSIM 200™

A Power Practitioner™ Training Tool “A dedicated AC generator that produces voltage and current waveforms of the most common Power Quality disturbances” PQSIM 200™ was designed by Power Quality Experts with 30 years’ experience testing and documenting Power Quality. The PQSIM 200™ provides the user with the capability to select PQ events and their magnitudeContinue reading “PQSIM 200™”

Power Monitoring Products PQ3K & PQ5K

The PQ3K and PQ5K are cost effective meters that combine general purpose PQ detection (with waveform recording) and full 4 quadrant energy monitoring in one instrument. Wide-ranging applications include utility, facility, manufacturing, petrochemical, mission critical and more. The PQ3K is housed in a 144mm x 144mm panel mounted enclosure that includes a high-resolution color TFT display. The PQ5K isContinue reading “Power Monitoring Products PQ3K & PQ5K”