Dran-View 7 Software

Published by Dranetz Our instruments are great, but Dran-View 7 software makes them better! Much more than just a viewer, Dran-View adds value to any power survey.  Used by tens of thousands of power professionals, Dran-View is included with most of our portable instrument packages, including HDPQ and DranXperT: Easily see recorded trends & eventContinue reading “Dran-View 7 Software”

Dranetz Announces Flex CT’s For DranXperT!

Dranetz is pleased to announce the addition of Flex CT’s to DranXperT. DranXperT is a low cost, 3-phase power & energy logger for use in virtually any power logging application. With the addition of Flex CT’s, DranXperT now offers the widest range of CT choices on the market. DranXperT’s capabilities includes: High accurate power &Continue reading “Dranetz Announces Flex CT’s For DranXperT!”


New Portable Power Logger + PQ Detector! Introducing DranXperT – a new portable, low cost, power logger and PQ detector from Dranetz. DranXperT is two products in one: Accurate, 3 phase, bi-directional power/energy logger PQ detector with 1/2 cycle resolution to identify and record common PQ issues such as sags/dips, swells, and interruptions, as well as changesContinue reading “DranXperT”