Dran-View 7 Software

Unlock the Power of Your Dranetz!

Published by Dranetz

Our instruments are great, but Dran-View 7 software makes them better! Much more than just a viewer, Dran-View adds value to any power survey.  Used by tens of thousands of power professionals, Dran-View is included with most of our portable instrument packages, including HDPQ and DranXperT:

  • Easily see recorded trends & event details
  • Live remote HDPQ access
  • Zoom & pan into data of interest
  • Rescue kit – correct setup mistakes
  • Report writer – create professional reports
  • Add notes, photos, annotations to surveys
  • Export data to csv & other formats
  • Advanced data analytics & computations
  • Import PQDIF & Comtrade data

Dran-View 7 Training

Want to see and hear more about Dran-View 7? Our Webcast page now has 13 Dran-View training videos covering basic, intermediate and advanced topics. Learn everything ranging from the basics of opening files, viewing data and navigation to advanced topics such as harmonic computations and creating your own math channels.

Published by PQTBlog

Electrical Engineer

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