Dranetz Announces Flex CT’s For DranXperT!

Now Available with Flex CT’s

Dranetz is pleased to announce the addition of Flex CT’s to DranXperT.

DranXperT is a low cost, 3-phase power & energy logger for use in virtually any power logging application. With the addition of Flex CT’s, DranXperT now offers the widest range of CT choices on the market.

DranXperT’s capabilities includes:

  • High accurate power & energy logging
  • Web browser enabled
  • RMS PQ Disturbance detector to 1 cycle
  • Automatic wiring verifitcation
  • 7hr battery
  • An exceptional value!

DranXperT includes free (unlicensed) Dran-View XP software that only works with DranXperT. For users of our full Dran-View Pro & Enterprise software, DranXperT support is included at no additional charge. Use one software with all of your portable Dranetz instruments!

Check out DranXperT or click the Contact Us button below for more information.

You can view DranXperT blog.

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