PQView & PQView DE

Dranetz Fixed System Power Monitoring Software

  • PQView – For use with Dranetz and/or 3rd party meters
  • PQView DE – For with Dranerz meters only

What is PQView?

  • Power Quality Analysis and reporting software
  • Developed by Electrotek Concepts in collaboration with EPRI and Electric Utility partners globally
  • PQView 4.x is the current version

Major benefits and features:

  • Responsive web enabled user interface
  • Data concentrator – compatible with meters ad software from many manufacturers
  • Data visualization
  • Robust, powerful data analytics
  • Customizable compliance reporting
  • FaultPoint® fault location
  • Customizable capabilities and components
  • Available in 3 editions to meet various budgets and needs – Express, Standard and Professional
  • Annual Users Group Meeting – supported and enhanced by its users

What is PQView DE?

  • Dranetz fixed systems software.
  • Developed in conjunction with Electrotek Concepts
  • Derived from PQView – ‘DE’ stands for Dranetz Edition
  • PQView DE replaces Encore Series Software (ESS) and works with the same instruments as ESS
  • Modern user interface with a responsive web browser interface  – use on any laptop, desktop PC, tablet, and cell phones, etc.

Major benefits and features:

  • Collect data from remotely installed instruments
  • Stores the data in a SQL database
  • Presents the information in a web browser – multi-user access
  • Data analysis, zooming, reporting and data exporting, etc.
  • Provides notifications based upon user settings
  • Unified installation – no additional components need to be installed (unlike PQView)

What are the differences between PQView and PQView DE?

PQView DE is derived from PQView 4, but they are different products, for different applications.

PQView DE:

  • It runs a ‘lite’ version of the SQL database that is included with the installation
  • It uses a ‘lite’ web server that is included with the installation.
  • It is intended for use with Dranetz instruments only


  • It uses a ‘full’ SQL version.
  • It uses a full web server, such as Microsoft Internet Informative Services (IIS)
  • It is intended for larger applications, applications with other manufacturer instruments, and those that require advanced analysis and reporting

PQView DE and PQView Express are fundamentally the same

  • Same installation, database
  • Major difference is in the data source. PQView DE is intended for Dranetz only.
  • PQView Express is compatible with Dranetz and other meter manufacturers

Seamless upgrade and transition from PQView DE to PQView as your needs grow

Applications Includes

  • Electric utilities – Substations, transmission, distribution, customer PCC
  • Power factor correction capacitor evaluations and troubleshooting
  • Fault location
  • Smart grid
  • Microgrid
  • Distributed Energy Resource (DER) and alternative energy production/integration
  • Mission critical
  • Manufacturing

PQView® DE & PQView®

PQView® DE web interface

PQView® web interface

Dranetz Webcasts

A tour of PQView & PQView DE. Includes the benefits & features of the software and differences between the two versions. Demonstration of the user interface, visualization of information and reporting.

View a tour of PQView & PQView DE

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