The Challenges of Harmonic Measurements to Identify the Source of Harmonic Distortion in a Network

Published by Terry Chandler, A Power Quality Practitioner ™ for 30 years, Director of Engineering Power Quality Thailand LTD/Power Quality Inc. USA,Consultant for Dranetz Corporation USA (Asia business unit General manager) Harmonics defined by multiple standards around the world. IEC 61000-4-7 Class I defines harmonics and how to measure them. IEEE 519-2014 defines harmonic limits.Continue reading “The Challenges of Harmonic Measurements to Identify the Source of Harmonic Distortion in a Network”

Energy Usage Report for A Small Office Facility

Published by Thaweesak Aranchot, Electrical Engineer, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Plan Measure actual usage of each load for recording a consumption. Then determine a way to reduce the usage without impacting a business efficiency Investigate the actual data comparing with Electricity bill Introduction The energy consumption at PQT was studied to determine\how much energyContinue reading “Energy Usage Report for A Small Office Facility”

Electric Vehicle Charger

Published by Terry Chandler, Director of Engineer, Power Quality Inc. Power Quality study for EV charger post• Manufacturer of EV has experienced several internal battery charger failures in new EV’s• 2 sites, 1 in Arizona USA, 1 in Seoul, Korea.     The plan for USA site and Korea site• Monitor the voltage quality supplyingContinue reading “Electric Vehicle Charger”

Bank’s High 9’s Infrastructure Saved from Disaster

Published by Dranetz – BMI Case Studies The power system for this major NYC bank providing nationwide credit card and other financial transactions appeared to be performing satisfactorily. Fortunately, the proactive monitoring approach employed in this facility identified a power quality trend that could have caused a catastrophic failure. Non-symmetrical waveforms rich with even orderContinue reading “Bank’s High 9’s Infrastructure Saved from Disaster”