PQSIM 200™

A Power Practitioner™ Training Tool “A dedicated AC generator that produces voltage and current waveforms of the most common Power Quality disturbances” PQSIM 200™ was designed by Power Quality Experts with 30 years’ experience testing and documenting Power Quality. The PQSIM 200™ provides the user with the capability to select PQ events and their magnitudeContinue reading “PQSIM 200™”

Power Monitoring Products PQ3K & PQ5K

The PQ3K and PQ5K are cost effective meters that combine general purpose PQ detection (with waveform recording) and full 4 quadrant energy monitoring in one instrument. Wide-ranging applications include utility, facility, manufacturing, petrochemical, mission critical and more. The PQ3K is housed in a 144mm x 144mm panel mounted enclosure that includes a high-resolution color TFT display. The PQ5K isContinue reading “Power Monitoring Products PQ3K & PQ5K”