Advances in Software for PQ Monitoring Systems

Published by Brian W Todd Vice President, Dranetz Technology, General Manager, Electrotek Concepts. Presented by Terry Chandler General Manager Asia, Director of Engineering, Power Quality Thailand LTD/Power Quality Inc., USA. Presented in 18th Annual PQSynergy™ International Conference and Exhibition 2018, Bangkok, Thailand. Website:

Challenges with Integration of a PV Plant into a Medium Voltage Distribution System

Published by Thomas Pua, Senior Product Development Engineer, Power Standards Lab (PSL), USA Presented in 19th Annual PQSynergy™ International Conference and Exhibition 2019, Bangkok, Thailand. Website:

Future Challenges with LV Grid Integration of Solar PV Resources: Impact Analysis and Monitoring Method

Published by Mayura Srion, Chief of Power Quality Analysis Section, Customer Service Division, PEA Udon Thani 1, Thailand Presented in 19th Annual PQSynergy™ International Conference and Exhibition 2019, Bangkok, Thailand. Website: