Electrical Shock and its Effects

Published by Alex Roderick, EE Power – Technical Articles: Electrical Shock and its Effects, August 17, 2021. Anyone working on electrical equipment should have respect for all voltages, have knowledge of the principles of electricity, and follow safe work procedures. An electrical shock occurs when a body becomes a part of an electrical circuit. The effectsContinue reading “Electrical Shock and its Effects”

Method of Selecting the Most Important Power Lines in a Transmission and Distribution Network

Published by Dalibor VALEK, Radomir SCUREK, Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Safety Engineering Abstract: This article describes the method used to graph theory in security analysis. For the pursposes of this study, an environment is referred to here as a network of power lines and devices and a power grid is considered as aContinue reading “Method of Selecting the Most Important Power Lines in a Transmission and Distribution Network”

Overvoltage of Atmospheric Origin

Published by Electrical Installation Wiki, Chapter J. Overvoltage protection – Overvoltage of atmospheric origin Overvoltage definitions Overvoltage (in a system) any voltage between one phase conductor and earth or between phase conductors having a peak value exceeding the corresponding peak of the highest voltage for equipment. Definition from the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV 604-03-09); available on [1] VariousContinue reading “Overvoltage of Atmospheric Origin”

The Basics of Grounding Electrical Systems

Published by Lorenzo Mari, EE Power – Technical Articles: The Basics of Grounding Electrical Systems, April 10, 2020. This article breaks down the complexities found in the fundamental field of grounding for the correct, faultless operation of electrical systems. Grounding, or earthing, is a fundamental topic for the correct operation of electrical systems and devices. However,Continue reading “The Basics of Grounding Electrical Systems”

Stator Earth Fault in 200MW Generator – A Case Study

Published by Mr. V.Veerapandi, Sr.Manager(ser)/SAS, Email:vpandi@bhelpswr.co.in Introduction One of 200 MW old machine was experienced stator earth fault and the unit was tripped when the load was around 154 MW. The stator earth fault was attended on emergency basis and the unit was brought back with minimum possible time. This article covers observations, analysis ofContinue reading “Stator Earth Fault in 200MW Generator – A Case Study”

Transmission System Harmonics Study

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc., PQSoft Case Study: Transmission System Harmonics Study, Document ID: PQS0501, Date: March 31, 2005. Abstract: A utility presently operates two 16.8 MVAr capacitor banks in a 161/69kV substation. Supplied by this substation are residential, commercial, and industrial loads, including a steel manufacturing facility. For increased voltage support, the utility is investigatingContinue reading “Transmission System Harmonics Study”

Case Study on Fault Analysis Using PMU

Published by Prithwish Mukhopadhyay, General Manager, prithwish.mukhopadhyay@posoco.in,Rajkumar Anumasula, Senior Engineer, rajkumar@posoco.in, Abhimanyu Gartia, Deputy General Manager, agartia@posoco.in, Chandan Kumar, Engineer, chandan.wrldc@posoco.in, Pushpa Seshadri, Chief Manager, pushpa_seshadri@posoco.in, Sunil Patil, Engineer, skpatil@posoco.in , WRLDC, Mumbai, India Abstract — Synchrophasors are used extensively in Indian Grid to detect and analyze faults occurring in the system. This paper majorlyContinue reading “Case Study on Fault Analysis Using PMU”

AC Equipment Grounding: Creating a Safe Fault Current Path to Ground

Published by Lorenzo Mari, EE Power – Technical Articles: AC Equipment Grounding: Creating a Safe Fault Current Path to Ground, August 07, 2020. Learn about the merits of the equipment grounding to protect people in faulted AC power systems. Electrical equipment casings should be at earth potential under normal conditions. When a fault occurs in anContinue reading “AC Equipment Grounding: Creating a Safe Fault Current Path to Ground”

Analysis of Long-Time Efficiency of Photovoltaic Installation

Published by Jacek DĄBROWSKI, Ewa KRAC, Krzysztof GÓRECKI Katedra Elektroniki Morskiej, Akademia Morska w Gdyni Abstract. In the paper the results of long-time investigations of the photovoltaic installation situated in Gdynia Maritime University are presented. A short description of the considered installation and the weather station making possible continuous monitoring of weather parameters are included.Continue reading “Analysis of Long-Time Efficiency of Photovoltaic Installation”

An Introduction to Microgrid Energy Management Systems

Published by Anushree Ramanath, EE Power – Technical Articles: An Introduction to Microgrid Energy Management Systems, July 05, 2021. This article highlights the growth of microgrids and the components of these systems. With the growing number of industries and businesses, access to reliable and cost-effective power is critical. This leads to demand for small-scale powerContinue reading “An Introduction to Microgrid Energy Management Systems”