Monitoring and Analysis of Power Quality Issues in Distribution Network

– A Case Study Published by V. S. Jape#1, D. S. Bankar*2, Tejaswini Sarwade#3Electrical Engineering1, Electrical Engineering2, Electrical Engineering3, BVDU Pune1, BVDU Pune2, SPPU , , Abstract — Tracking of system overall performance in phrases of Power Quality disturbances and its ill effects on distribution network is growing attention of application towardsContinue reading “Monitoring and Analysis of Power Quality Issues in Distribution Network”

What is Voltage Drop Study and Analysis

Published by Carelabs, Carelabs is authorized provider of Electrical Installation’s Study, Analysis, Inspection, and Certification services in UAE, and offer voltage drop study and analysis services. Website: Dynamic voltage (IR) drop, in contrast to the static voltage drop depends on the switching activity of the design, and hence it is vector dependent. Designing an ideal powerContinue reading “What is Voltage Drop Study and Analysis”