EMI Measurements: Methodology and Techniques

Published by Vladimir Kraz, OnFILTER, Inc. 3601-B Soquel, CA 95073 USA, Tel. +1-831-824-4052, Email: vkraz@onfilter.com Abstract This paper describes some aspects of methodology, instrumentation and techniques of measuring high-frequency electrical noise (EMI) in electronic manufacturing environment. High frequency measurements are quite different from typical ESD-related measurements which this paper explores. Introduction High-frequency noise (often, albeitContinue reading “EMI Measurements: Methodology and Techniques”

Origins of EOS in Manufacturing Environment and Its Classification

Published by Vladimir Kraz, 3M Company, 3601-A Caldwell Dr., Soquel, CA 95073, Tel. 408-202-9454 FAX 206-350-7458 Email: vladimir.kraz@gmail.com Abstract EOS (Electric Overstress) is a serious threat to defect-free manufacturing, long-term product reliability and interruption-free manufacturing process. This paper summarizes the sources of EOS, its impact on production and suggests classification of EOS occurrences into modelsContinue reading “Origins of EOS in Manufacturing Environment and Its Classification”