Solutions to Mitigate Harmonics

Published by Electrical Installation Wiki, Chapter M. Power harmonics management – Solutions to mitigate harmonics There are three different types of solutions to attenuate harmonics: • Modifications in the installation• Special devices in the supply system• Filtering Basic solutions to mitigate harmonics To limit the propagation of harmonics in the distribution network, different solutions are availableContinue reading “Solutions to Mitigate Harmonics”

Utility Capacitor Switching Fails VAX Disk Drive

Published by Electrotek Concepts, Inc., PQSoft Case Study: Utility Capacitor Switching Fails VAX Disk Drive, Document ID: PQS0408, Date: September 30, 2004. Abstract: The application of utility capacitor banks has long been accepted as a necessary step in the efficient design of utility power systems. Also, capacitor switching is generally considered a normal operation for aContinue reading “Utility Capacitor Switching Fails VAX Disk Drive”