Earthing System

How To Choose The Right System Earthing Arrangement? Application Note, 2009 Published by Schneider Electric Source: All System Earthing Arrangements (SEA) provide equivalent protection of life and property. However each has certain advantages and inconveniences in other terms that may be important for a given installation. In both commercial and industrial applications, needs change,Continue reading “Earthing System”

Part 4: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards

Published by Nikola Zlatanov* Ground Fault Protection Article 230.95 of NEC requires ground- fault protection of equipment shall be provided for solidly grounded wye electrical services of more than 150 V to ground, but not exceeding 600 V phase-to-phase for each service disconnect rated 1000 A or more. The rating of the service disconnect shallContinue reading “Part 4: AC Power Distribution Systems & Standards”

Measuring Earth Resistance

Published by E. Hering, Dresden (Germany) Earth resistance is a key parameter in determining the efficiency of earthing systems. In this article we look at the measurement of earth resistance 1 A Few Fundamentals 1.1 Earth resistance and earth impedance The efficiency of an earthing system is principally determined by its impedance ZE. As canContinue reading “Measuring Earth Resistance”

Application Note Earthing Systems: Fundamentals of Calculation & Design

Application Note Published by H. Markiewicz and A. Klajn, November 2014 ECI Publication No. Cu0120 Document Issue Control Sheet Document Title: Application Note – Earthing Systems: Fundamentals of Calculation and Design Publication No: Cu0120 Issue: 03 Release: June 2003 Author(s): H. Markiewicz and A. Klajn Reviewer(s): D. Chapman, S. Fassbiner Document History Issue Date PurposeContinue reading “Application Note Earthing Systems: Fundamentals of Calculation & Design”