PQ Analysis: Power Factor, Unbalance and Harmonics

Published by testguy, November 23, 2019. Website: testguy.net Power Factor, Unbalance and Harmonics Electrical loads are often composed of more than just pure resistance, the combination of resistance and reactance in an AC system is called the impedance. Reactance comes in two forms: inductive and capacitive, both of which do not contribute to “useful” work on theContinue reading “PQ Analysis: Power Factor, Unbalance and Harmonics”

The Importance of Good Power Quality

Published by Dr. Kurt Schipman & Dr. François Delincé , ABB Power Quality Products, Belgium ABSTRACT This paper explains the problems that are due to poor Power Quality in electrical systems and shows their possible financial consequences. Power Quality is characterized by parameters that express harmonic pollution, reactive power, and load unbalance. The best possibleContinue reading “The Importance of Good Power Quality”