What is your PQ IQ?

Affinity Energy – Infographic: Understanding the Impacts of Power Quality.

Power Quality Infographic by Schneider Electric
Understanding power quality issues

$15 billion is the annual cost of power quality issues. $130,000 are the potential costs for downtime in lost revenue for facilities. For mission critical facilities, that translates to $14,000 to $6.5 million every hour. It takes 17 hours for plants to restart after shutdown. You do the math.

  • Did you know that 80% of power quality problems originate on the customer’s side of the meter or originate from within a facility?
  • Did you know the 3-6% of manufacturing sales money is spent to correct PQ problems?
  • Did you know 50% of mission-critical power outages attribute to power quality issues?

Typical power quality symptoms include:

  • Flickering and blinking lights
  • Transformer issues, such as noise, extra hot, or premature failure
  • Panels, neutral wiring, and other distribution equipment running hot
  • Printed circuit board failures in drives, PLCs, industrial PC, etc.
  • Breaker trip and drive shutdown
  • Premature motor failure and unexpected equipment shutdown
  • Contactors dropping out
  • Poor network communications
  • Higher utility bills
  • Poor power factor
  • Low system capcity

Types of power quality issues include:

  • RMS voltage variations (sags, swells, interruptions)
  • Voltage transients (impulsives, oscillatory)
  • Waveform distortion (harmonics, interharmonics, sub-harmonics)
  • Voltage imbalance
  • Voltage fluctuation
  • Power frequency variation

The benefits of improving power quality include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Reduced waste and improved operations
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimized downtime
  • Increased equipment and power reliability
  • Lower operating costs

The negative effects of PQ issues include:

  • Energy losses
  • Unplanned downtime
  • Premature aging of equipment
  • Utility penalties
  • Decreased productivity
  • Service call costs
  • Decreased reliability

Ways to improve power quality include:

  • Power factor correction
  • Voltage stabilization
  • Harmonic filtering
  • Power conditioning
  • Reactive power compensation

Source: https://affinityenergy.com/power-quality-infographic/

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