Bruce’s Laws of PQ Problem Solving

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1.Do the simple things first.

2.There is always more than one problem. There are always more than one or two problems, keep looking and you will find them.

3.The problem investigation is like peeling the layers of an onion. When you peel away the last layer the onion is gone… and so is the problem.

4.Fix the problems as you find them… if you can.

5.The customer (aka client) NEVER tells you the whole story. Every time you talk with them you learn another nugget of knowledge.

6.Never believe someone else’s measurements or test results. Worst case, you verify the readings and that the test results are correct.

7.Be nice to everyone, you never know who will provide you with an important clue.

8. If it is happening in the electrical environment you can figure out a way to measure it.

9.Substitute technology (multiple monitors) for time… it speeds up the investigative process and provides more and better-quality data for analysis. Labor (time) is the most expensive cost component of an investigation, equipment (technology) is relatively inexpensive. Use equipment with remote communications capabilities to save labor.

10.You are NOT allowed to repeal any of the basic laws of physics.

11.Ohm’s Law and Kirchhoff’s Law solve most problems…use them wisely.

“Dare to be different”*…it’s more fun!

*William “Bill” Lear, 1965

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