EP1 Advanced Harmonic Analysis Capability of DV7 Enterprise

Energy Platform® EP1 – Handheld Electrical Energy and Power Demand Analyzer

Dran-View 7 (DV7) Enterprise is a Windows based software package that enables power professionals to visualize and analyze power and energy monitoring data simply and quickly.


As the sensitivity of power electronics increases, equipment ranging from HVAC systems, personal computers to computerized process equipment and manufacturing systems are susceptible to harmonic pollution. In fact, harmonics can cause small, almost imperceptible variations in performance that aggregate to affect significant long-term damage. Current harmonics generated by a source can pollute the entire power system without being affected itself. The Energy Platform captures detailed harmonics, interharmonics, and subharmonics in accordance with IEC 61000-4-7 and IEEE 519 to effectively troubleshoot the complex problems caused by these events.

EP1 records the harmonics and DV7 provides the capability for the user to choose how they are displayed and additional calculation capability. All harmonic parameters are user selectable for Min/Max/Avg.


The harmonic calculations and display characteristics are user selectable


User can select harmonic magnitudes as % FND, %RMS, %Scale or absolute values or Voltage, Current and Watts. Harmonic calculation method is user selectable.


Symmetrical components can be displayed as % of positive FND or absolute values




Waveforms captured during the maximum load current and harmonics calculated from the waveforms for additional details voltage, current and power to the 125th.


Waveform stored by EP1 every 1-minute voltage and current Channel A and D for single phase. Could be all channels, single phase chosen for clarity of viewing.

figure7figure8figure9vap harmonics

EP1 recorded maximum load current in detail and DV7 EP1 calculated the harmonics in detail to the 125th.


EP1 records VTHD and VTID RSS, DV7 presents in RSS or allows user to choose % RMS, % Fundamental or % Scale.



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