PQSynergy™ Papers 2016

PQSynergy™ is an international forum to share experiences, requirements, questions, information, customer requirements, problems and solutions in the fast growth area of quality of supply requirements of sensitive loads, energy conservation and management and power quality monitoring and solutions. 

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PQSynergy™ PapersPublishers
Thailand Integrates Large-Scale Wind FarmsChakphed Madtharad, Ph.D., Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)
Power Master 3 SeriesJay Babin, Power Quality Thailand LTD
Using Power Quality Data to Troubleshoot Utility AssetsDaniel Sabin, P.E., M.Eng., IEEE Fellow
Principal Engineer & Software Architect, Electrotek Concepts
Design and Evaluation of PV Rooftop system in ThailandAsst. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Boonyang Plangklang, Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi,, RMUTT Thailand
Introducing a Power Quality SimulatorTerry Chandler, Director of Engineering, Power Quality Thailand LTD/Power Quality Inc.
Solving Customers’ Problems in Harsh EnvironmentSONEL
Advanced Power Quality Monitoring System in Hong KongIr. Y.Y. LEE (MHKIE, MIET) &Nick K.W. CHAN, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Grid-Tied PV in Singapore – Power Quality Aspects and Its ChallengesEr. Muhammad Najmi Bin Bohari, MSc(Power Eng), B.Eng (EEE), P.Eng, MIES, M-CIGRE
Who is liable for damage when PQ supply is out of toleranceJay Babin & Itti Mangkornthong,
Power Quality (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Harmonic in the Modern Industry Auto Parts Industry and Harmonics
The Harmonic Load of Various Technologies lamps vs Traditional LampsItti Mangkornthong, Power Quality (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Harmonic Assessment for Cement KilnSuwipha Kittitanaphisarn, Chief of Power Quality Analysis Section, PEA Area 1(North) Chiangmai
Dranetz Commercial MessageBrian Todd, Vice President of Global Sales for Dranetz General Manager of Electrotek Concepts & Daniel Sabin, Principal Engineer & Software Architect, Electrotek
Decentralized Battery Energy Management Systems for Stand-Alone PV-Battery SystemsUmarinSangpanich (PhD.), Faculty of Engineering at Sriracha, Kasetsart University (Sriracha campus)
Ozone Water SystemThai Energy Conservation Co., Ltd
Leveraging Distributed Processing in the Smart GridKeith, Linklaser
Smart Grid for Modern City
Grid Modernization – a System Operator’s PerspectiveVictor Wong, Sarawak Grid System Operator/Senior Vice-President, Sarawak Energy Berhad
Overvoltage Consideration in Grounding of Distributed GenerationNat Songkram, Power Quality Section, Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)
Harmonics in Electrical Power Systems – A Major Power Quality IssueBaldev Raj Narang B.Sc. Engineering
(Electrical), CEO Clariant Power System Ltd, Pune India & Co-Author Tushar Deshmukh BE MBA CMD, Clariant Power System Ltd, Pune India
EV Charging in FutureQianlu Yan, Beijing Joint Harvest S&T Co., Ltd.
Thailand EE Policy for Standard and LabelingMr.Watcharin Boonyarit, Senior Scientist
Department of Alternative Energy, Development And Efficiency Ministry of Energy, Thailand
PQSynergy™ Papers 2016

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