PQSynergy™ Papers 2015

PQSynergy™ is an international forum to share experiences, requirements, questions, information, customer requirements, problems and solutions in the fast growth area of quality of supply requirements of sensitive loads, energy conservation and management and power quality monitoring and solutions. 

For more information, you can visit the website: www.pqsynergy.com

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PQSynergy™ PapersPublishers
Effect of Harmonics from DC arc furnace on 115kV capacitorPhongphat Waraphok, Lopburi Area (N3), PEA Thailand
PQT Commercial MessageTerry Chandler, Director of Engineering, Power Quality Thailand LTD/Power Quality Inc.
How Harmonics have led to 6 Power Factor MisconceptionsTony Hoevenaars, P.Eng., Mirus International Inc.
Diagnosis and Mitigation of Ground Noise PollutionRajen MEHTA / Kartik PAREKH, Efficienergi Consulting Pvt Ltd
The Study of Medium Voltage Source Change Effect to Voltage Sag in Low Voltage Customer in Distribution SystemNat Songkram, Power Quality Section,
Provincial Electricity Authority, PEA
Effective Harmonic Filter Designs for Commercial ImplementationSony Jacob, Power Matrix Solutions PVT LTD
Impact of Distributed Generation on Voltage Rise and Power Losses in PEA 22kV Distribution SystemMayura Sri-on, Assistant Chief of Power Quality Analysis Section, Customer Service Division, Engineering and Service Department, PEA Area1(Northeast) Udon Thani Province, Thailand
Electric Car and PQ IssuesQianlu Yan, Lisheng Yan
Beijing Joint Harvest S&T Co., Ltd.
Voltage Dip Mitigation in SingaporeER. Muhammad Najmi Bohari, Potentia Dynamics Pte Ltd
Feed in TariffsJay Babi, New Business Development Manager, Power Quality Thailand LTD
Challenge and the Strategic Way Forward
for PEA’s Smart Grid Effort
Chakphed Madtharad, Ph.D., Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Thailand
Passive Harmonic Solution for VFD’s
Introducing Lineator AUHF
Talayeh Ameri, Sales and Applications Support Engineer, Mirus International Inc.
Dranetz General PresentationTerry Chandler, General Manager Dranetz Asia
3D-enable Training for the Workforce in Power PlantHarsh Sethi, Neon Infotech
Energy Management using Automated Meter Reading DataEr. Edward Low, Engineering Director, Chairman of HAPUA Working Group
Case Study Harmonic Distortion in a Steel Plant with Induction FurnacesSuriya Theppaluk, Engineer Level 4, Power Quality Analysis Section, Provincial Electricity Authority (South Area 1) Phetchaburi
Power Quality Evaluation on the Impact of Renewable EnergyPeerapol Hokham, Control and Protection System Division, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)
Assessment of Voltage Sag in Medium Voltage Distribution System in PEANat Songkram, Power Quality Section,
Provincial Electricity Authority, PEA
Under the Surface of AnalyticsESC Pacific Inc.
Mitigation of Interruptions and Voltage Sags for N3_1Ms.Sutasinee Pho-ong, Assistant chief of engineering and marketing & Mr.Phanuwat Sornsueb, Engineer level 6, Provincial Electricity Authority N3
Evaluation of Solar Roof from PQ MonitoringPanida Boonyaritdachochai, Power Quality Engineer, Power Quality Thailand LTD
PQSynergy™ Papers 2015

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