The Importance of Good Power Quality

Published by Dr. Kurt Schipman & Dr. François Delincé , ABB Power Quality Products, Belgium ABSTRACT This paper explains the problems that are due to poor Power Quality in electrical systems and shows their possible financial consequences. Power Quality is characterized by parameters that express harmonic pollution, reactive power, and load unbalance. The best possibleContinue reading “The Importance of Good Power Quality”

Voltage Disturbances Flicker Measurement

Published by Zbigniew Hanzelka & Andrzej Bie´n, AGH University of Science and Technology, October 2005 Flicker Measurement Introduction The power supply network voltage varies over time due to perturbations that occur in the processes of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution. Interaction of electrical loads with the network causes further deterioration of the electrical power quality.Continue reading “Voltage Disturbances Flicker Measurement”

A Comprehensive Review of Power Quality Issues & Measurement for Grid-integrated Wind Turbines

Published by Ahmed F. Zobaa and Ibrahim Ahmed, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Brunel University London, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH, UK. Shady H.E. Abdel Aleem, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 15th of May Higher Institute of Engineering, Cairo, Egypt. Journal Article: Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 2019, 12, 210-222 (Volume 12, Issue 3 ,2019)Continue reading “A Comprehensive Review of Power Quality Issues & Measurement for Grid-integrated Wind Turbines”

Service Area Flicker

An entire service area of a Midwest facility. The utility was receiving complaints of annoying light flicker from an entire neighborhood. When the utility connected a power monitor to the 240V distribution bus the problem was quantified. The RMS Voltage event summary, Figure 1, indicates the bus voltage was essentially constant until a load wasContinue reading “Service Area Flicker”

Light Flicker In An Office Complex

The second floor of an end unit of an office-condo complex in the Washington DC area. The office space consisted of a reception and meeting area, two private offices, a kitchen area, and a bathroom. The entire area was powered from a single three-phase 208/120V wye feed from a transformer bank located right below andContinue reading “Light Flicker In An Office Complex”