Interpretation & Analysis of Power Quality Measurements

Published by Christopher J. Melhorn, Electrotek Concepts, Inc. Knoxville, Tennessee Mark F. McGranaghan, Electrotek Concepts, Inc. Knoxville, Tennessee ABSTRACT This paper describes advances in power quality monitoring equipment and software tools for analyzing power quality measurement results. Power quality monitoring has advanced from strictly problem solving to ongoing monitoring of system performance. The increased amountContinue reading “Interpretation & Analysis of Power Quality Measurements”

The Effects of Changes to IEEE 519-1992 to 2014

Published by EATON, Powering Business Worldwide, Application Note AP040094EN, Effective November 2014 Introduction Recent changes have been made to IEEE 519. These revisions add clarity to the 1992 document as well as present new definitions, methods and recommendations. This brief summary of changes to IEEE 519 as it pertains to low voltage adjustable frequency drivesContinue reading “The Effects of Changes to IEEE 519-1992 to 2014”

EP1 Advanced Harmonic Analysis Capability of DV7 Enterprise

Energy Platform® EP1 – Handheld Electrical Energy and Power Demand Analyzer Dran-View 7 (DV7) Enterprise is a Windows based software package that enables power professionals to visualize and analyze power and energy monitoring data simply and quickly. Harmonics As the sensitivity of power electronics increases, equipment ranging from HVAC systems, personal computers to computerized processContinue reading “EP1 Advanced Harmonic Analysis Capability of DV7 Enterprise”

Power Quality & Quality of Supply A Global Continuously Developing Engineering Challenge

Published by Terry Chandler, A Power Quality Practitioner ™ for +30 years, Director of Engineering Power Quality Thailand LTD/Power Quality Inc. USA, Consultant for Dranetz Corporation USA (Asia business Unit General Manager) Contact What is Power Quality (PQ)? The characteristics of the supply voltage and the electrical system that affect the performance of theContinue reading “Power Quality & Quality of Supply A Global Continuously Developing Engineering Challenge”

IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3

The IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard defines the measurement methods, time aggregation, accuracy, and evaluation, for each power quality parameter to obtain reliable, repeatable and comparable results between various brands and models of PQ instruments and systems. IEC 61000-3-30 Class A Edition 2IEC 6100-4-30 Class A Edition 2 standardizes the measurements of: Power frequency SupplyContinue reading “IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3”