Earthing System

How To Choose The Right System Earthing Arrangement? Application Note, 2009 Published by Schneider Electric Source: All System Earthing Arrangements (SEA) provide equivalent protection of life and property. However each has certain advantages and inconveniences in other terms that may be important for a given installation. In both commercial and industrial applications, needs change,Continue reading “Earthing System”

Defining Interharmonics

White Paper, April 2013 Contributed by Chris Mullins, VP of Engineering and Operations, Power Monitors, Inc. Email: cmullins@powermonitors.comWebsite: http://www.powermonitors.comTel: 800.296.4120 ABSTRACT Interharmonics are frequency components at noninteger harmonics of the line frequency. The proliferation of large DC-converter variable speed drives and wind/solar inverter generation has led to an increase in interharmonic levels. Troubleshooting the resultingContinue reading “Defining Interharmonics”

The Need for Harmonic Modeling and Mitigation in Generator Applications: A Conversation and Guide

White Paper 08-03-2021 Published by Michael McGraw, USA National Sales Manager, Mirus International Inc., Introduction & Structure It is widely accepted that performing harmonic studies for non-linear applications is important to ensure a workable and energy efficient installation. It is also accepted that these harmonic studies be performed under normal source conditions and maximum operatingContinue reading “The Need for Harmonic Modeling and Mitigation in Generator Applications: A Conversation and Guide”

Calculate Neutral Current in Dran-View 7

Published By Terry Chandler, Director of Engineering, Power Quality Thailand LTD/Power Quality Inc., USA. March 2021. Emails:, Application note to calculate neutral current in DV7 or manually from RMS values manually and automatically with DV7 Enterprise math channels! The neutral current in a three-phase, four-wire wye system represents the imbalance of the three-phase conductors, also knownContinue reading “Calculate Neutral Current in Dran-View 7”

WideRangeFlexCT™ Accuracy

Application Note 06-01-2015 Published by Radian Research, Inc.  Trademarked flex CT interface WideRangeFlexCT™ measures currents from 1A to 2500A without requiring the user to set specific ranges. Internally there are 3 measurement ranges that are automatically switched between. The measurement error depends on which range is active, these ranges are 1.00A – 18.00A, 18.0A –Continue reading “WideRangeFlexCT™ Accuracy”

Application Note Earthing Systems: Fundamentals of Calculation & Design

Application Note Published by H. Markiewicz and A. Klajn, November 2014 ECI Publication No. Cu0120 Document Issue Control Sheet Document Title: Application Note – Earthing Systems: Fundamentals of Calculation and Design Publication No: Cu0120 Issue: 03 Release: June 2003 Author(s): H. Markiewicz and A. Klajn Reviewer(s): D. Chapman, S. Fassbiner Document History Issue Date PurposeContinue reading “Application Note Earthing Systems: Fundamentals of Calculation & Design”

Understanding Total Harmonic Distortion

White Paper, September 2012 Published by Cowles Andrus, Communications Specialist, Power Monitors Inc. Email: Website: ABSTRACT This paper discusses the causes of Total Harmonic Distortion, how it is calculated, measured, and how it can impact a power distribution system. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) can be a challenging concept because of the complexity ofContinue reading “Understanding Total Harmonic Distortion”

Advantages of 6-Pulse VFD with Lineator AUHF vs Active Front End (AFE) Drives

White Paper (August 20th, 2015) Published by Anthony (Tony) Hoevenaars, P. Eng , President and CEO Mirus International Inc. INTRODUCTION Active Front End (AFE) Drive manufacturers will claim that their technology provides the best solution for treatment of harmonics associated with variable frequency drives (VFDs). They are quick to point out benefits over standard 6-PulseContinue reading “Advantages of 6-Pulse VFD with Lineator AUHF vs Active Front End (AFE) Drives”

How to Conduct an Energy Audit Using the Energy Platform EP1

White Paper Introduction Sophisticated energy analyzers introduced in the 80s were able to trend and record energy usage and help identify when, where, and how much electrical energy was being used. However, due to limited user-interface capabilities, these analyzers printed to paper tape and tended to be complex to operate. At that time, the costContinue reading “How to Conduct an Energy Audit Using the Energy Platform EP1”

Encore Series UPS Monitoring

Application Note WHERE EVERY MILLISECOND COUNTS! The digital economy has redefined business operations and is setting new standards for electric power reliability and quality. Downtime – undesirable for any business – is catastrophic for Data Centers and other high reliability facilities where even the smallest power quality issue can cause equipment failure, data corruption, andContinue reading “Encore Series UPS Monitoring”