Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Testing Applications

Published by Dranetz Technologies, Inc. VFD motor controls have become very popular for both retrofits and in new applications. They offer increased energy efficiency, potential for less motor wear, lower startup currents and more. Potential disadvantageous include producing harmonics and damaged motors if they are not controlled properly. VFD’s use a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) voltageContinue reading “Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Testing Applications”

Dranetz HDPQ Family Generator & Mission Critical Testing

Published by Dranetz Technologies, Inc. INTRODUCTION Data centers, hospitals, mission critical and other facilities rely on standby power. This is often generators that are ready to carry the load if there is an interruption in the primary power source. Such facilities often have UPS systems for a seamless transition to standby power, and to carry theContinue reading “Dranetz HDPQ Family Generator & Mission Critical Testing”

Strategies for Investigating Flicker

Published by Wayne LaFleur, Senior Engineer, Power Monitors, Inc. Email:, Website:, (800) 296-4120, February 2014. White Paper. ABSTRACT Investigating f licker issues with PMI recorders can be straightforward if the right data is collected, and analyzed with ProVision. By enabling and examining Pst and IFL flicker data, in addition to RMS voltage andContinue reading “Strategies for Investigating Flicker”

Energy Platform EP1 Trend Data Time Interval

Published by Terry Chandler, Director of Engineering, Power Quality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Emails:, The EP1 is Energy Platform has a slightly different time interval for the trended data from the other Dranetz portable products. The PX/PG/PV have a minimum intervals of 1 second, 10 seconds and 1 minute. Note: There are some limitations onContinue reading “Energy Platform EP1 Trend Data Time Interval”

Passive Harmonic Filter Design

Published by Kerim Ozer, Senior Electrical Engineer, Enspec Power Ltd. Email: A technical review of how passive harmonic filter types have an impact on network impedance profiles in terms of damping. A review of a harmonic filter design study was carried out for an industrial Plant, which included a total capacity of >100MW smelters,Continue reading “Passive Harmonic Filter Design”

Key Changes and Differences between the New IEEE 519- 2014 Standard and IEEE 519-1992

Written by Ian Wallace, Chief Engineer, Power Quality Solutions, TCI® Technical Paper. Introduction IEEE Std 519-2014 is a newly published revision to the IEEE Recommended Practice and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electric Power Systems. It supersedes the IEEE Std 519-1992 revision. The overarching goal of the 2014 revision is the same as the 1992Continue reading “Key Changes and Differences between the New IEEE 519- 2014 Standard and IEEE 519-1992”

Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Motor Loads

Applications Guide, April 2001 Published by Fluke Corporation Introduction This section provides examples that you can use to troubleshoot induction motors with and without an adjustable speed drive. Figure 4. Distribution System: Motor Loads Induction Motors Checking Voltage Imbalance For 3 phase induction motors, the supply voltage on all three phases should be in balance.Continue reading “Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Motor Loads”

Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Lighting Loads

Applications Guide, April 2001 Published by Fluke Corporation Introduction This chapter provides applications of problems and phenomena that are likely to occur in a lighting system. Figure 3. Distribution System: Lighting Loads Measuring Current Harmonics Check whether the lighting system causes excessive harmonics. These may influence the system. Look at the harmonics spectrum and readContinue reading “Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Lighting Loads”

Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Receptacle Branch Circuits

Applications Guide, April 2001 Published by Fluke Corporation Troubleshooting Electrical Distribution Systems The most efficient way to troubleshoot electrical systems, is to begin at the load and work towards the building’s service entrance. Measurements are taken along the way to isolate faulty components or loads. This chapter describes typical measurements for troubleshooting problems on receptacleContinue reading “Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Receptacle Branch Circuits”

Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Basic Measurements

Applications Guide, April 2001 Published by Fluke Corporation Introduction This section provides easy-to-do measurements which you can perform almost anywhere. Begin with these examples to get started with the Fluke 43B. Note: It is a good idea to reset the Fluke 43B before you start a new application. This way, you always start from theContinue reading “Fluke 43B PQ Analyzer – Basic Measurements”